5 Kinds Of Taxes To Pay In The United States

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If your wish is to raise your taxation law assignment game without help this upcoming term, it is crucial to have profound knowledge of the various types of taxes in the US. Every country has its taxation structure, and the US is no exception.

We do get it that you lack adequate time and patience to go knee-deep into this world. Here, we are at your aid.

In today’s post, we have mentioned different types of taxes in the US tax system. Whether you aim to dazzle your professors with your exemplary papers or pursue a prosperous career in the field, these vital terms will always come in handy.

1. Income Taxes

Income tax is one of the most known forms of taxation in the US. When you earn income in the US, you will see significant deductions on the paycheck. Each person who earns in the US is supposed to pay income tax at both the federal and state level. Federal taxes incorporate social security and FICA.

2. Sales Tax

A close look at taxation law assignment help forums will help you understand that sales taxes are taxes on goods and services purchased. These are usually generally evaluated as a percentage of the price paid. Sales tax greatly varies by state and even by municipality. There are no sales taxes at either the state or local level in certain states.

3. Excise Taxes

Excise taxes are similar to broad sales tax, except they are charged on specific goods. Such taxes are frequently levied on so-called ‘sin products’ and often are intended not to only help raise money but also deter unhealthy behaviours. Excise taxes are often combined with sales taxes on a single purchase. Also, in most cases, a sales tax is paid on top of an excise tax.

4. Payroll Taxes

Both employees and employers need to pay the Social Security tax, one of two payroll taxes. Most taxpayers will be well-versed with payroll taxes by looking at their paystub at the end of each pay period, where the amount of payroll tax withheld by their employer from their income is listed. In the US, the largest payroll taxes are a 12.4 percent tax on the Social Security Fund and a 2.9 percent tax to fund Medicare, for a combined rate of 15.3 percent. Also, half of the payroll taxes are remitted directly by the employers, with the other half withheld from employees’ paychecks.

5. Property Taxes

Property taxes are generally imposed to fund local services. These taxes are based on the property’s market value and are usually levied on the real estate but can also apply to other property, like cars. In numerous instances, these taxes are deductible. But, the property taxes on real estate are deductible if used to promote the general public welfare but not for local benefits and improvements that increase the property value.

Every student pursuing taxation law in the US is expected to know and comprehend these crucial kinds of taxes. If you still face difficulties getting the hang of these vital concepts, then seeking a taxation assignment helper in Chicago will provide you with the required edge in your career.


Turning in impeccable and flawless taxation law assignments may be a mean feat for most students. Hence, in this article, you will learn some crucial taxes that will help you dazzle your professors with unique papers. None of these terms is rocket science; however, knowing each of these taxes can successfully help you out in the long run.

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