A checklist of flowers for the wedding party

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Planning a wedding is pretty challenging, especially when it comes to flowers. There’s always a massive requirement for wedding flowers. So, it is best to plan everything, prepare a checklist and then meet the florist.

If you have a meeting with your wedding florist in Austin Texas soon, it’s time to prepare a checklist and ensure that you miss out on nothing. We are here to help you with the flower essentials for a wedding.

Bride’s bouquet

The most important arrangement you cannot miss is the bride’s bouquet. Finalize a design of the bride’s bouquet and handpick the flowers for it. Roses, lilies, orchids, dahlias, etc. are mostly used for these bouquets.

Bridal hair accessories

This is optional depending on your requirement. If you want a floral tiara, crown, or any other accessory, ensure that you choose the flowers matching the bride’s outfit.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets

Many couples choose to have separate bridesmaids’ bouquets and they are the next most important after the bride’s bouquet. Ensure to choose your color themes, flowers, design, etc.

Flower Girl’s flowers

Flower Girl’s bouquets are generally simple. According to the couple’s choice, they can also have a basket of petals or floral crowns. You can also take help from wedding florists in Austin TX to get ideas and inspiration.

Groom’s boutonnieres

Boutonnieres on wedding day look charming on the groom. They are generally crafted with small flowers like delicate ranunculus. However, couples mostly decide on the flowers they need for the groom’s boutonnieres.

Other boutonnieres

Several couples also demand boutonnieres for groomsmen, ringbearers, bride and groom’s parents, and others in the family or important wedding guests. If you have fewer people for boutonnieres, you can get flowers delivered via wedding flowers delivery and craft them at home.

Corsages for the ladies

You may also want corsages for the female members of the family like the bride/groom’s mothers, sisters, grandmothers, close friends, and others. Roses, orchids, carnations, etc. from flower shops in Austin Texas can be used to craft the corsages.

Toss bouquet

Many brides use their wedding bouquet as the toss bouquet. But if you plan to preserve your wedding bouquet flowers, you can get a separate toss bouquet. This could be a simpler version of your bridal bouquet.

Besides these flower requirements, there are a few others that you must consider. Take a quick look at them.

  1. Ceremony flowers

A lot of flowers are also essential for the ceremony. Arrangements at the altar, entryway, centerpieces for welcome tables, aisle decoration flowers, tossing petals for guests, and chair arrangements. These requirements differ according to the preferences of the couple.

So, whatever your specific requirements are, note them down and hand them over to your wedding florist.

  1. Reception flowers

Even the reception party requires a lot of flowers for decoration. Entryway decorations, table centerpieces, wedding cake decorations, flowers for the food trays, bar and cocktail table arrangements, and of course, a huge congratulations arrangement for the couple.

  1. Car décor flowers

Don’t forget to decorate your cars with fresh flowers! This is especially applicable for the cars that the bride and groom appear on in the wedding venue, as well as the vehicle on which they leave together after the ceremony is over. Your wedding florist will take care of this task for you, but if you have any special demands, let them know in advance.

You can get congratulation flowers in Austin TX flower shops like Park Crest. The florist offers a huge variety of wedding arrangements, congratulations flowers, anniversary, get well soon flowers, etc.

Though wedding flower requirements differ according to preferences, there are a few standard floral arrangements that are a must. The additional ones can be altered as per your choice. Hope the checklist will help you create yours without missing out on anything!

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