Aesthetic Rapper Letoa is making Major moves on the Rap Scene

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Australian-Samoan musician Letoaalii Hughes, better known as Letoa, has been racking up millions of views and amassing a devoted fan base on the global aesthetic rap scene. With the success of singles like “Slatnoslime,” “back it up,” “E45,” “ruger clap,” “E-girl,” and “guap,” he quickly rose to the top of the aesthetic rap scene. His fame as a result of his online presence has empowered him to regularly release viral music.


Letoa, a successful independent rapper, credits his parents and siblings with encouraging him to pursue music. His Samoan ancestors were staunch believers in the value of a full-time job as a means of providing for one’s family. All three of his jazz-playing grandfathers went against the grain of their families and became non – conventional professionals. Because of their actions, Letoa felt more confident in pursuing his true passion. As a teen, he spent a lot of time with his cousins, and during that time he saw them making rap music and trading diss records in their bedrooms for fun. These influences combined to motivate Letoa to strike out on his own musical path.


Letoa likes to mix and match elements from different genres with basic drum patterns. The simplicity of the instrumentals permits him to experiment with his sound and explore a variety of musical styles. Despite his relative youth, Letoa has shown considerable business savvy in the music industry. He understands the ins and outs of the business because of his experience as an independent musician. Letoa’s drive to create more music was fueled by the unprecedented success of his debut single, which was released almost three years ago. All of his past achievements have aided him in connecting with people who share his values, opening doors to new possibilities for the rapper’s creative, aesthetic pursuits.


The ambitious 18-year-old recently graduated from high school and plans to regularly add to his impressive portfolio from here on out. He’s excited to develop his own style and audience. Currently, the musician is laser-focused on producing more music for his fans to enjoy. To stay current with the latest music from Letoa, listeners can subscribe to his Instagram feed or follow him on Spotify.

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