How To Put a Secret Message Link On Your Facebook Profile?

By admin

Facebook is famous among youngsters, teenagers, and people of all age groups.

It always comes up with the latest advanced features and one of that features is an anonymous secret message, linking to the user’s profile.

This feature is used to send secret messages online through the Facebook platform.

  • Users need to create a facebook profile and add a link to that profile.
  • Text Messages within the limit of 140 characters only
  • Active web address
  • And most important user’s creativity

Ways to pin a secret message on Facebook:

Users can pin secret messages on Facebook by using the “pin” option from Facebook messages.

The steps to do so are given below:

  • Users would need to open the facebook message column and 
  • Click on the desired message
  • Choose the reply option and 
  • Click on the pin option 

Users can use any device and need to open the web browser.

Type “”, 

Sign in to the Facebook Profile by entering the username and password.

On the profile page, users can create many links to provide detailed information about the user’s interests, friends, family members, marital status, relationship status, education level, work history, secret messages, etc.

The secret message website on Facebook is not much encrypted, the notification of the secret message would be displayed to family and friends but not seen.

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