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The shock from the shoulder, if you pull the button above, you will have ample opportunity to quickly put your hand between your thigh and chest, but there is not enough space for washing your hands. Regarding your age, you will not be able to see it pulled more than 3 inches by your age. All of this, of course, depends on the style that suits you best.

Fit – men’s pants

Pants or trousers should be worn around the waist, along the navel. Young people with a cracked stomach may choose to wear low-셔츠룸 but they gain little by doing so. The older man, on the other hand, looks better with a pair of pants coming out of the middle than a belly tucked into a low waist; for this reason it should be considered bracing. The bottom of the pants should touch the upper part of the front of your shoe and should massage the upper sole of the sole of the shoe; A front fracture is considered perfect by many, but a small trouser that wipes the upper of a shoe may look better than a short man. Men who are short are doing well without their clothes and pants, if they need them, they should be equal in their height.

How to get it right?

Outfits are made for the hypothetical type of man – for any brand, this type of person changes a little, but unfortunately his intentions are not close to yours. How can a man get really good?

Find good linen – a good linen can work wonders for a dress that suits you best. They can bring on the waist, shorten the sleeves and open up the abdomen after the holidays. The limit here is that they can only change into imperfect clothes; in the end, he is still imperfect.

Invest in bed linen – Note that I use the word investment;

This is because having clothes designed to suit your personality is a wise choice for any man. The beauty of traditional clothing is that it is tailored to your size; and the look of the item, it will fit you better than anything else in your home, and as a result, it will look better than anything you wear.

It is a wonderful feeling to wear clothes that fit you well. You feel soft and comfortable, as the garment seems to float on the body, not heavy or solid anywhere, but rests fully in place. The man in the suit is confident in his appearance and is free to focus on the task.

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