Are Storage Cabinets Multipurpose?

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Industrial storage cabinets are used in a wide array of different operations including factories, laboratories and warehouses to safely and effectively store items that are used on a daily basis and can also be found in schools and offices. 

Industrial storage cabinets can be made to fit almost any space, and there are even stackable industrial cabinets for spaces that are particularly small which entail tall vertical storage and allow for the customisation or addition to individual storage requirements over the long term. 

Industrial storage cabinets are multipurpose in nature, which means they can be used to store a wide variety of different items. They can also be used for the promotion of health and safety standards, which is definitely not the case with regular storage cabinets. 

Industrial storage cabinets allow customers to become better organised while including strong security measures and come with different features that allow them to be used for multiple purposes. 

There are a number of ways in which the multipurpose nature of industrial storage cabinets can be beneficial. 

First Aid

Ready access to first aid equipment is vital in the workplace in the event of a worker being injured. A first aid cabinet offers specialised storage complete with bright, clear symbols that show exactly where the equipment is stored to make for easy access should an emergency situation take place. 

First aid cabinets can be particularly vital in industrial settings but also serve a valuable function in schools, workshops, laboratories, athletic facilities, retail settings, warehouses and gyms.

There is always the risk of injury during the work or school day and even if the risk is only small it is still essential to have a first aid cabinet. 

Storing volatile liquids

Industrial storage cabinets can also be used to store the likes of hazardous or volatile substances such as flammable liquids and chemicals. Industrial storage cabinets come with standard fire resistance and reinforced doors.

Such cabinets are subject to a number of regulations and have to be made to fit exacting material. Specialist metal lockers such as these can help in areas such as laboratories, industrial plants, chemical treatment facilities, schools and some manufacturing settings. 

Where hazardous or volatile liquids are used on a regular basis the practicing of the correct storage procedures is essential. These cabinets will come with secure locks and symbols to indicate their flammable nature. 

Machinery and tools

Industrial storage cabinets can also be used for the storage of tools, machinery, fasteners and similar small objects or materials and when not in use also ensures the security of these items. Industrial storage cabinets can help workflow by optimising worker access to machinery and tools.  

Industrial storage cabinets from RS can be used in a variety of different areas but have proven to be of particular use in workshops, quarries, gas and oil facilities, factories, automotive repair shops and garages, mines, refuse sites and recycling centres. 

The installation of multipurpose industrial storage cabinets helps to secure the most useful, valuable and volatile items in workplaces and other public settings.

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