Welcome to Your Luxury Home

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Welcome to Your Luxury Home


From lavish 18-carat gold toilet suites to lavish soaking tubs adorned with extravagant jewels, luxurious bathrooms with the most elegant aesthetic are the latest trend in luxury homes(Furniture shops in Sunderlandthroughout UK.

Not just about design and purpose, bathrooms emphasize comfort and design with homeowners who want to create spaces that offer an experience that resembles that of a world-class 5-star hotel.

At Home Design, we’re obsessed with luxury, and with our highly expected partnership with Maison Valentina, we’ve got an array of stunning accessories that can add an essential touch of luxury design to your bathroom or bathroom.

If you’re thinking of creating a fantastic bathroom that is a chic space to unwind, recharge and rejuvenate, then read this article and allow us to guide you in creating the bathroom you’ve always imagined.

A Synergy of Elegance and Style

Maison Valentina is the ultimate example of luxury bathroom furniture, a global brand established in Porto, Portugal.

Intending to provide elegant, unique bathrooms, Maison Valentina offers high-end solutions made from a variety of the best materials in the world combined with unique hand-work techniques, innovative style, and premium quality.

Maison Valentina enhances the concept of luxury, and it is famous for its innovative approach to the world of bathroom products.

With a shared commitment to quality and luxury, Homedesign has partnered with this renowned brand to broaden our range of the most luxurious bathroom accessories.

Such as washbasins and bathtubs made of premium stones, exquisite finishes, and stylish designs that have a timeless design.


Sensational Stone Soaking Tubs for the Ultimate Self-Indulgence

The centerpiece of any high-end bathroom, nothing says “luxury” (Furniture stores Sunderland)as a freestanding, bespoke bathtub made of the most exquisite material and stones, such as onyx, quartz, and Agate.

The tub is designed and constructed to include stunning features like high-quality polished brass and copper details along with gold plating and striking sculptural features, and modern freestanding baths are the best choice for any bathroom that is luxurious.

Our gorgeous stone bathtubs are art pieces by themselves. For a bathtub you’ll not wish to leave, go for a tub such as this Newton Bathtub with its opulent gold-plated spheres that sit on the bottom, or, for something sleeker, go for this Symphony Bathtub with its elegant design and sleek gold-plated brass tubes.

Luxury Materials

An elegant bathroom enhances the essential elements with unique items. Therefore furniture and fittings made of premium materials are essential.

Investing in materials like marble, quartz, and stone is worthwhile since they radiate class and elegance, creating a feeling of luxury in the space.

Because of their high-end design and quality, such as marble, Agate and onyx are sought-after choices in luxurious bathroom design.

With stunning marble basins and vanities that blend seamlessly into any modern, upscale bathroom. The harmonious blend of stones’ natural splendor and the lavish details of copper and brass can fill the room with tranquility and provide immediate relaxation.

Don’t Forget the Decadent Details.

To ensure maximum levels of luxury and comfort, pay careful attention to every aspect. The elegant heated towel rails will ensure that towels are warm and toasty.

At the same time, the subtle warmth of underfloor heating helps keep the whole area at a pleasant temperature and makes a floor made of stone feel luxurious underfoot.

A flexible lighting scheme must also be considered. The natural light that floods the room is best complemented by ambient light sources.

Lighting can also be a great way to draw attention to some aspects of the space – putting lighting on the flooring around the tub or beneath the vanity could help make a great central point.

Additionally, details like exquisitely made tapware, soft-close options for toilet seat cabinets and drawers, as well as high-end toiletries and towels all contribute to the level of luxury and make the most luxurious, relaxing bathing experience.

Glamour to Your Bathroom

The need for more extravagant accessories and bathroom fittings has never been more pressing. With growing numbers of homeowners wanting to create an environment that is more than a mere practical space.

We’ve worked in partnership and Maison Valentina to create a selection of exquisite bathroom fixtures that will allow you to design a lavish bathroom where you can relax and relax after a long day’s work.

Check out our fantastic collection today or book an appointment at our Melbourne showroom right now.

Studiopepe’s new collection is a must. You’ll feel privileged to witness firsthand the creation of something truly unique as well as but also incredibly compatible.

The essential home combines the finest of both Italian and Portuguese worlds in its unique combination of design, architecture, and craft.

Luxurious European

With the help of Homedesign, you can now enjoy this luxurious European, stylish furniture and design within Australia.

Every Essential Home piece is an individual statement by itself that incorporates woodwork craftsmanship, cutting, and etching, as well as materials like ceramic, glass, and brass to create stunning mid-century modern pieces to decorate your home.

Innovatively titled after famous artists of the same period, Each Essential Home piece is an innovative design that tests the relationship between function and form.

Offering a variety of luxurious armchairs, including the luxuriously cushioned Virginia and the distinctive style, as apparent in furniture such as the Francis Scott Side Table, Essential Home offers the very best in bespoke furniture from Australia.

It offers practical furniture with a unique design, from sofas to stools, sideboards, and buffets Homedesign provides the very best Melbourne offers.

In addition to velvet-upholstered armchairs, there are side tables with sculptural designs like the Ernest Collection, which includes several of the finest unique customized furniture in Australia.

With international brands like Fendi Casa, MaxMara, and Baccarat on their list of clients, Studiopepe is no stranger to presenting striking contemporary art that creates a luxurious contemporary style for your living space.

Incorporating Curves to create flow

Essential home is a refined assortment of curvilinear pieces highlighting the importance of curves in interior designs and furnishings.

Curved design not only softens and smooths an area’s appearance and experience but also provides a relaxing impact, drawing attention to its edges.

For instance, the Fitzgerald Modular Sofa illustrates this curvilinear design concept with its rounded design and offers a comfortable feeling and a striking piece all in one.

(Most certainly a top choice when looking for an unusual, well-shaped couch in velvet from Australia.) These curvaceous pieces, such as the Fitzgerald Modular Sofa or the Duncan Sideboard, each draw attention and can enhance the room’s flow and visually extend the space.

If you’re searching for the perfect striking piece that is a sure conversation piece or to revamp interior spaces using incredibly unique collectibles essential to any home. Homedesign can be your best option for custom furniture for Melbourne.

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