Best Treks to do in winters in India

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Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Zanskar has stayed one of India’s most baffling locales for quite a while. During the peak winters the Zanskar district in Ladakh freezes strong causing it to appear to be a Chadar, meaning a sheet of ice. The delightfully frozen sheet of ice has welcomed explorers and adventurers from the whole way across the world over the past numerous years making Chadar Frozen Waterway Trip one of India’s generally well known and difficult and exciting journeys. The temperatures in the locale during the trip can plunge to freezing degrees and you should take additional consideration of guaranteeing that you’re in great shape and totally ready to take the negative temperatures.

The Zanskar waterway totally freezes toward the beginning of January and stays frozen for a decent two months from that point. The best and ideal opportunity to do the Chadar journey is from mid January to early February. It is vital to guarantee that you continue to get customary updates on the climate conditions in the district.


From traveling in temperatures that go beneath – 30°C to setting up camp in the path without essential solaces, covering north of 10 Km consistently in testing conditions, and taking a chance with the risks of strolling over ice, Chadar requires a decent degree of actual wellness as well as an extraordinary degree of mental readiness.

Travelers with a decent degree of wellness and who’ve done Himalayan trips before can take up the Chadar journey.

Triund Trek

The Triund Trip is ideally suited for a brief time escape in the Himalayas. Summers as a rule are the most active months here, so assuming you’re attempting to get away from the groups and appreciate stargazing, October to December is a happy chance to visit. It very well may be done in 4-6 hours however camp around evening time to truly partake in the perspectives on Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar range. While the path is short, it’s lofty. Yet, occasionally, you will actually want to slow down and rest during a simple, level path through rhododendron, pine and coniferous timberlands. The feature of the journey is the wonderful dusks that paint Himachal’s skies and the brilliant evenings.

Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

Span: 6-9 days  Level: Difficult  Highest point: 4,150m  Beginning from Leh

The Markha Valley campaign is one of Ladakh’s most well known summer journeys because of its closeness to Leh. Yet, in the event that a peaceful escape and the shot at recognizing the subtle snow panther is the thing you’re hanging around for, then, at that point, choose a colder time of year journey among January and February. It takes you past the Indus waterway, Buddhist cloisters, mountain towns, the willow-lined Zingchen gorge and the Hemis Public Park. During the stroll to the most noteworthy place of the journey in Markha, you’ll see interesting geographical manifestations and huge rocks before you head down to camp in Thachungtse, where you can watch groups of blue sheep scale steep precipices with extraordinary readiness.

Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

Span: 6 days  Level: simple to moderate Highest point : 3,810m.  Beginning from Gaichawan Gaon 

The Kedarkantha is a six-day journey in Uttarakhand’s Govind Pashu Vihar Public Park. Since Kedarkantha is an independent mountain, there are a few courses to arrive at the highest point, each special in its own particular manner. You can pick the famous course or the calmer path. The trip is available all year, however assuming you’re up for a test go in the cold weather for a long time in December and January. The ascension is difficult and steep exposed, yet all the same similarly fulfilling. The culmination is noticeable right from the headquarters and as you move higher through snow-shrouded fields and timberlands, the Himalayas come into focus. Alongside the absolute most emotional dusk, the trip additionally provides you with a sample of the nearby culture and food, as you will spend your first and the previous evening at homestays in Gaichwangaon.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand

Term: 3-6 days Level: simple to moderate Highest Point:  3,675m  Beginning from Sari

The Chandrashila Highest point bears the cost of the absolute most delightful perspectives on the Himalayas. On the left are the Gangotri scope of pinnacles, Mt Thalaysagar, the Kedarnath and the Kedar dome. Each season carries an alternate flavor to this scene. Be that as it may, the winters here are hypnotizing. Indeed, even in December, you’ll get to see rhododendron trees becoming flushed with blossoms. The journey is likewise a joy for birdwatchers. On the off chance that you luck out, you might detect the lovely Himalayan monal. At Baniya Kund, you may likewise find the opportunity to camp on snow-shrouded costs

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