Best Ways to Fix iCloud Email Not Working Error?

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Apple users have the facility of iCloud and they can also create their account on iCloud Mail to avail of the services of mail. 

Ways to Fix iCloud Mail Not Working

When users face the issue of why is my iCloud email not working or iCloud storage full not receiving emails or why is my apple id not working:

Users can easily solve these issues, they first need to go to Apple’s support on their website and check the status of iCloud Mail to fix the issue.

Check the internet and network connection on the device, as it can be the reason for the issue, on the device for iCloud mail not working or receiving any mails.

If the problem is with the Apple server itself, then users can wait for it to get solved but if the problem doesn’t lie with Apple, then users would have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Users would have to turn on iCloud Mail

For this, users would have to go to settings on their iPhone and then click on the user’s name displayed, and then click on the iCloud mail option and make sure it is turned on to fix the issue of why is my iCloud email not working.

Step 2. Users would have to ensure that they have enough Storage on iCloud

One of the main reasons that iCloud mail not working, it can be because the space on the iCloud storage is not left enough for further mail, and users may have to empty the space or buy new storage space from the iCloud purchase plans to solve the trouble of iCloud storage full not receiving emails.

Step 3: Users would have to enable “Fetch New Data” settings on iPhone

Another way to fix the issue of why is my apple id not working, is users would have to make changes in the settings where they have to turn on the feature of Fetch New Data and then turn on the Push from Accounts option in Mail from the settings to let the mail receive new data on iPhone mail.

Step 4: Update Software to Latest Version

When iCloud mail not working, the most simple and common reason that users face is that their iCloud is not updated with the latest version.

It would be advisable for users to update their iCloud with the latest version for iCloud mail to be working.

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