Cleaning The Instrument Panel And Other Interior Surfaces

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To clean the dashboard and the other surfaces, a wrung-out cloth is often enough. If you have difficulty getting the surfaces completely clean, you can use a little bit of brown soap dissolved in water.

A microfiber cloth is good to wipe with, as it absorbs the dust and at the same time is gentle on the surfaces.

There are products on the market that can be used to advantage for vinyl surfaces. Over time, vinyl can get a sad look, and here you can shine the dashboard up with vinyl makeup. These products have a long-lasting effect, which makes future cleaning easier. Just remember not to use products that make the dashboard shiny. The surface must always appear matte so that it does not reflect the rays of the sun and dazzle the driver.

Cleaning the car’s fabric or leather seats

The car seats are very exposed to dirt, and can sometimes be difficult to keep clean. Start by vacuuming the seats to remove all loose dirt. If there are no stains or anything else that requires special cleaning, then vacuuming is enough.

Cleaning of leather seats

Leather seats are very easy to clean. Stains and dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth or washcloth.

In order for the leather to keep its beautiful shine, they must be treated with a care product. There are a lot of leather care products on the market, and common to them all is that the product must be rubbed into the leather in small circles.

If the leather looks very sad, or it is a long time since the last treatment, you can repeat the treatment after the end of the drying time.

The leather products have a long-lasting effect, which protects the seats and keeps them beautiful for a long time.

Cleaning of textile seats

Ordinary seats in fabric require a little more Rengøring af bil than leather seats. Children and pets can quickly leave stains on the seats, which should preferably be removed as soon as possible.

You come a long way with a cloth dampened with water, but deeper cleaning requires other means. If the seats are very dirty, use a special textile cleaner. Most products need to be rubbed into the seat, and left to sit for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, the textile cleaner must be removed with a cloth or vacuum cleaner (depending on the product). Then the seats must dry before you sit down again.

As far as possible, make sure to clean the entire seat. If you only clean where there have been stains, it will be visible when the seat is dry.

Plaster windows and rearview mirror

Now windows and rear-view mirrors need to be polished, which can be done with ordinary soapy water. If the panes are very greasy, then they tend to get streaked.

It is not certain that the stripes are very clear, but as soon as you drive out into the sun, you will be able to see them immediately.

It is easiest to use a completely ordinary glass cleaner, such as the one used in the ordinary cleaning in the home.

Wash door sills and maintain rubber moldings

Finally, rubber moldings and door sills should have a go. The door seams tend to get very dirty, and you often forget them when the car is washed. Make sure to wash well with water and auto shampoo so that they are completely clean. At the same time you can wash the edges of the doors, which are also often very dirty.

The rubber strips must be thoroughly vacuumed and wiped with a cloth. The strips must then be treated with silicone or a similar water-repellent agent.

The silicone prevents the doors from freezing when it starts to get cold outside.

Great result with interior cleaning of car

When you have finished the interior cleaning of the car, you are left with a super nice car. If you spend many hours in the car, then you know that a clean car is more delicious to drive in than one that is filthy.


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