Clear Aligners Not Tracking? Here’s Why, And Here’s How to Fix That

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In the past, patients with orthodontic problems had to wear metal braces for several years in order to straighten their teeth. 

However, thanks to technological advances, patients can wear virtually transparent dental clear aligners. 


Transparent teeth aligners are more comfortable to wear than braces and can be removed for eating and cleaning. Treatment with aligners is typically shorter than treatment with braces and is often less expensive.


But even aligners create problems sometimes. You’re not alone if you’ve struggled to get your aligners to fit appropriately. 

Sometimes, the aligners don’t fit correctly in the teeth, no matter how much you adjust and readjust. This can be highly frustrating, especially when trying to straighten your teeth.


There are a few possible reasons why your Clear aligners might not fit correctly. 


First, your teeth may have shifted since you got your aligners. This is common, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve worn them. 

Second, your aligners may be warped or damaged. If this is the case, you’ll need to get new ones from your orthodontist.

Finally, it’s possible that your mouth isn’t the right size for the aligners.



Types of fitting issues

A few types of fit issues can occur with transparent dental aligners. 


The first type is when the aligners do not fit snugly around the teeth. This can cause the aligners to slip and not work correctly. 

The second type is when the aligners are too tight and put pressure on the teeth, which can cause pain or discomfort. 


The third type is when there are gaps between the aligners and the teeth, which can allow food and bacteria to get caught in between. All of these fit issues can be corrected by making new aligners or adjusting the ones you have.



What to do?



Sometimes, people not used to any orthodontic tools before may feel uncomfortable. As it’s normal, there is nothing to be worried about. The symptoms are tightness around the mouth, chewing and eating problems, and other things.


This can continue for up to 2 weeks to fuse with the mouth. But if something is not getting fixed, even if it’s over a month, you need to go to the clinic from where you have your aligners.


Talk to them about your problem and tell them every little detail you face. 

In this case, your orthodontist may provide refined or new aligners to fix this issue. Along with that, they might offer you some habits to follow a diet to get used to it.


Follow a routine

If you are considering transparent aligners, then there are a few things you must consider or can say you must follow to keep the aligners and teeth healthy.


Wear them for at least 20 hours a day to get the best fit, especially when you have them for the first time and feel tight in your mouth. In this way, the aligners will set with the mouth, and you may feel less fitting issues after a few days.


Remove the aligners only while eating, brushing, or drinking(except water). Let it sit on the mouth the rest of the time.

Wash your aligners by soaking them in water and cleansing agent for 30 minutes maximum once a week. But remember not to use any harsh agent. The biggest myth is that we can use regular toothpaste and brush. But this is the big mistake you can make with your aligners.


Regular toothpaste contains chemicals that may cause decay in the resin. Also, teeth whitening pastes are prohibited too. Instead, you can use gentle toothpaste for kids or sensitive teeth. And for brushes, there are soft aligner cleaning brushes; you can find them online.


As we know, aligners are made with a delicate plastic material, so there is a chance of it getting scratched. So when you remove your aligners and keep them outside, keep them in the right place. Don’t just leave it here and there. If it breaks, then all the patience and money will be wasted. 



You may need a different provider.

And even after maintaining everything, if your aligners are not just fitting the right way, or your provider is constantly failing to shape them up, it’s time to change your provider.


Switch to India’s no one aligners brand Illusion Aligners, the first Indian brand with US FDA approval.


Illusion aligners are considered the best invisible aligners because of their smooth and sleek body, crack and stain-proof resin, and best fitting. 

Illusion aligners have experienced doctors who provide the best fitting from your first session. They take proper care, so you don’t need to worry about anything else.


Here you can buy teeth aligners online or offline. But in both forms, you will get the best.



Invisible teeth aligners cost in India

The average one can expect 50,000 to 1,00,000 per year per person. 

If you get the proper treatment, the money is worth the price. And here’s how you can solve your fitting problem with these small tips and Illusion aligners.

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