Everything you wanted to know about custom vape cartridge packaging

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custom vape cartridge packaging

Vape smoking is on the rise worldwide. Tobacco smoking has come under fire, and custom vape cartridge packaging is a less harmful alternative. Or as the vape users would have you believe. Custom vape cartridge packaging goes hand in hand with vape and plays a pivotal role in its sales and promotion. If you want to know more about it and understand its dynamics, then read on as we discuss everything at length here.

What is a vape cartridge?

For people who are not familiar with vaping, let us first understand what is a vape cartridge. It is a slender and fragile tube-like device fitted with a mouthpiece for inhaling the vape and a container on the other end. The container is used to hold cannabis oil, chemicals, or any other type of juice that you wish to smoke.

Custom vs. non-custom vape cartridge packaging:

Custom vape cartridge packaging is bespoke packing in its purest form. There is no generalization here. Everything is tailor-made according to the customers’ requirements. In contrast, a non-custom box has standard specifications and is mass-produced accordingly.

Why do you need custom vape cartridge packaging?

There are several reasons to choose custom vape cartridge packaging. They provide value to the product and add to its salability. They also look good, and the buyer gets a premium feel from them. Custom packaging is also ideal for branding purposes and is a great tool for marketing. In short, due to these and other similar, it is always a good idea to opt for custom packaging.

Essential features of custom vape cartridge packaging. Some factors run common among all the custom vape cartridge packaging.

They use the right material:

Material is vital to any packaging and it is all the more so for vape cartridges. Vape custom boxes use the most appropriate material for them. A vape cartridge is a delicate item so it needs a strongbox plus it also needs protection from weather elements like heat, moisture, cold, etc. Custom boxes fulfill all these requirements perfectly.

Cardboard stock

Corrugated material

Rigid stock

Kraft sheet

Each one of the above materials is designed to give durability and long-lasting performance. You can choose any one of them.

custom vape cartridge packaging
custom vape cartridge packaging

Styling and visual appeal:

Custom vape packaging is made to look beautiful. It must entice its buyers to take notice and make the purchase. There are tons of techniques you can use to make the box look more, and more appealing. Some of them are as follows;

Beautiful artwork on the box

Color of the box


All these elements work together to create a beautiful whole, and the buyer cannot help but appreciate it.

The use of print add-ons:

Print add-ons are different techniques that you use to make the box more attractive to others. They include different types of surface finishes, coats, and text enhancements that you can perform on the box. They may include the following;




Soft-touch finish

Gloss coat

Aqueous coat


UV spot printing

Stamp foiling

Custom packaging is sustainable:

You can use recycled and biodegradable material to produce vape packaging. That would make your product unique and attractive in the eyes of the consumer. Even if you are not using recycled material it is still eco-friendly because it is made from cardboard and not some harmful material like plastic etc.

You can also use them for marketing:

If you think custom boxes are good for storing and displaying vapes, you are wrong. With little adjustments, you can use them for marketing purposes as well. All you have to do is print your logo, tagline, company’s name, and other such information on the box, and it will become a silent promoter of your company’s name.

They are cost-effective:

You might think that custom boxes are very expensive, but they are not. Because they are made with cardboard, which is essentially consolidated paper and is the cheapest material to produce boxes. Other materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc. are more expensive to use for packaging.

Provide a complete unboxing experience through custom boxes:

Unboxing has become a big trend nowadays, and custom boxes have a major role to play in them. You need to provide your customer with a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying customer experience. For this custom vape cartridge packing is just ideal. With an elegantly designed box, you give everything that a discerning customer would want.

They provide endless opportunities to customize:

As their name implies, custom boxes are called custom for a reason. You can personalize them to no extent. It could be their size, style, design, and anything else. You can let your creative juices flow and also design a box from scratch. Anything is possible.

Production of custom vape cartridge packaging:

For producing these boxes, you need a factory that is well versed in its craft. It would help matters further if it is already producing vape cartridge packaging. You can see its previous work and judge for yourself if it would be suitable for you or not.

Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory that produces custom vape boxes for different applications including vapes. It has a proven record of excellent service and quality. The price is very competitive and it ships worldwide. You will also see the 3D mock-ups of your box before the final shipment to avoid any inconvenience later. You should consider it for your custom box needs.


That is all on our topic. We have covered all the major aspects related to custom boxes. We hope you have gotten a fair understanding of what are custom boxes and why they are crucial for your vape business.

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