Does closing an open bite cause a gummy smile?

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Open bite is a malocclusion where the top teeth and lower teeth don’t meet up or chomp in the right position. There is no crossover of the teeth prompting them to look “open.” With an open bite, the upper and lower teeth don’t connect toward the front or back of the mouth, in any event, when the jaw is closed. If you have an open bite, look for the best dentist at Therapeuo Dental Clinic who can assist with remedying it, giving you a solid grin and a legitimate chomp.

Open bites can be brought about by a tooth issue, a jaw issue, or a mix of both

Open bites can be brought about by a poor skeletal connection between the upper jaw and lower jaw.

Open bites can be created from a propensity like a thumb, finger, or tongue sucking. These propensities can forestall typical gnawing of the teeth and lead to issues eating or tooth emission.


A gummy smile can be defined as the exposure of more than 2 millimeters of exposed gum when smiling naturally. A natural smile contains 2/third to 3/fourth of the teeth being visible and the rest covered by the lips over it. Be that as it may, the presence of more than 2-3mm of gum as a consistent band on typical grinning is a trait of gummy smiles and may cause unaesthetic appearances. The presence of a gummy smile is more prevalent in females when contrasted with guys. It is prevalent over various ages and has an inherited tendency.

Common reasons for a gummy smile-

v Altered eruption of the teeth during adolescence

v Expanded vertical development of face

v Descending development of the upper teeth or over-the-top development of the upper jawbone

v Short or overactive upper lip muscles, for example, the levator labii superioris and levator anguli oris, which lift the lip vertical

v Malformed or malposition of teeth



So will the open bite treatment cause you a gummy smile?

 Not really. Shutting an open bite should be possible in multiple ways and is typically a blend of multiple ways. Intruding the back teeth up can close an open bite without changing the place of the upper front teeth. Extruding the anterior teeth down does position them such that they show more and can show a little more gum. Expulsion of the lower front teeth doesn’t change the upper foremost position. Dental procedures can be utilized to intrude the back teeth also.


 Procedures for gummy smile treatment in Mumbai

Gingivectomy: Gingivectomy is prominently known as gum shaping. This methodology is performed utilizing either a laser or surgical blade to reshape the overabundant gum covering the teeth surface. The target of this treatment is to lessen the gum tissues by uncovering enamel.


 Gum-recontouring: In this technique, the dentist will reshape the gum line. It is performed with the utilization of cutting-edge laser innovation and is a pain-free method. This treatment is additionally helpful for good oral hygiene.


Crown lengthening procedures: In this gummy smile treatment in Mumbai, abundant gum tissues and the underlying bone is cut and reshaped, so the required size of teeth are uncovered. This strategy is utilized when huge measures of gingival tissues are to be eliminated.


Lip repositioning: It is a basic and safe surgery. This strategy is demonstrated in a short lip or hyper portable upper lip. This gummy smile treatment in Mumbai is done with local sedation, and the connective tissues of the upper lip are eliminated.


Orthognathic medical procedure: In this therapy ‘stunning’ adjustment (recontouring the upper jaw and securing it at the appropriate position) is performed through the medical procedure, under local sedation, and with an emergency clinic stay. Since it is a more serious strategy, one ought to counsel the orthodontist as well as maxillofacial specialist.


Root planing and scaling: this treatment is educated when the growth concerning gums is because of the irritation and contamination of gingival. Dentists profoundly clean the root surface to eliminate the dental plaque and calculus and afterward planing of the root is finished. It will decrease the irritation and thus the sticky appearance.


 Botox: It is an impermanent approach to remedying the gummy smile. This is a negligibly obtrusive technique in which Botox is infused in the upper lip bringing about transitory loss of motion of lift muscles that control the lip development. It is typically infused in three lift muscles of the upper lip, which covers the parallel side of the ala of the nose. It must be rehashed each 2-3 months.


Solutions for open bite treatment

Dental experts hold orthognathic medical procedure therapies for extreme open bites cases.

Customary metal braces: Dentists utilize flexible bands, arch wires, and brackets to adjust the jaw and teeth to their unique positions.

Lingual supports: Orthodontists place these supports close to the tongue; thus, they are difficult for somebody to notice, and they are valuable in remedying skewed teeth.

Clear aligners: The unmistakable aligners are additionally difficult to see while grinning or eating until you look carefully.

Bites blocks: Orthodontists put these apparatuses on the molars and premolars to assist with remedying the lower and upper jaws’ development. This technique reestablishes and corrects the front open bites after some time.

At Therapeuo Clinics we have faith in giving the best to our clients regardless of how basic or confounded their dental condition may be. Our groups of experts are focused on doing their absolute best-concerning gear, testing systems, pre-technique, and post-method care.

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