How to draw laziness step by step.

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How to draw laziness step by step.

How to easily draw laziness with this videotape and step-by-step drawing instructions.

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Step 1

Start by drawing a circle. It will make you lazy.

Step 2

Use a long, curved line to enclose an irregular circle. Widen the path from the beginning and double it yourself. It will make the body lazy.

Step 3

Pull the arm of laziness. To the upper arm, extend the “C” shaped line to the top of the body. Then use a series of short, curved, overlapping lines to pull the arm down.

Step 4

Pull the hind legs in the same way as the arms. Use the “C” shaped curve, facing upwards, to form the upper leg. Then, using short, overlapping lines, pull the legs down. It gives the legs a hairy shape.

Step 5

Clear the guidelines with your arms and legs.

Step 6

Pull a branch to cling to laziness. Make a branch under the leg, draw laziness between the arm and the leg, and above the arm with two parallel curves. Use a “V” -shaped line to make a branch.

Step 7

Pull the lazy arm away. Between the trunk and the tree, we have a series of bends and a series of bends that overlap in the same way. Then use two curves that meet at one point to form a hand to hold the branch. Delete the instruction lines as needed. Draw a curve on the upper part of the hand and use extra curves to separate the fingers.

Step 8

Wrap a circle around the head to mark the face. Then stain the two turns to construct the watches.

Step 9

To connect the eyes, draw a curve almost like a “C” and make a mouth. Fill around the triangle in the mouth to represent the nose.

Step 10

Color your laziness. Their coat is usually tan or gray in color, but they can become green due to algae growing on their wings.

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