Glass blocks for kitchen countertops, windows, walls and backsplash

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If you want to incorporate the benefits of light transmission, style, durability and ease of cleaning into your new home or kitchen renovation project, glass tile is the right material for you. This unique construction product offers a double advantage: structural stability and decorative beauty. Below you will find 5 ideas to turn an ordinary kitchen into a special space.

Kitchen bar – The central place where the group and family are together is around the island or kitchen bar when cooking. Let’s face it, a standard laminate floor with wooden cabinets underneath isn’t cutting edge anymore! If you want color, interest and functionality, glass brick kitchen countertops can be used over granite countertops.

 These bars are usually made 40″ tall and placed over glass block.

The bar can be made round, angled, or rectangular (beam blocks, corner pieces, and corner pieces are considered). If you really want the glass to stand out, consider lighting behind the bar wall or bright or muted colored glass spaces (Minneapolis, Minnesota is planned).

Half Wall Room Divider – Many split level homes like you see in the US Midwest have railings at the end of the kitchen to safely separate the kitchen from the family room which is 5 steps down from 6 steps. A recent project in Cleveland, Ohio used a block section to safely retrofit this enclosure. The wall is built 32″ high and 3m long and uses finished ends and double end pieces. It is firmly anchored to the side wall (column) through mortar joints with panel reinforcement – leaving a modernized, safe and stylish part of the wall. House win..

Functional kitchen window

If you need privacy, ventilation and unique style in one kitchen window, consider a functional acrylic block window. A house in Columbus, Ohio was built in a subdivision where the houses are only 12 feet apart and the kitchen window faces the neighbor’s windows (not the best situation when you are working around the house and exterior). By using a functional acrylic block window, the homeowner can now smash the window and enjoy the privacy they desire. Vinyl framed block windows also meet the Energy Star ratings required for this development.

Cover the hard-to-clean area behind the oven – Have you ever used wallpaper behind the oven only to see it fly out of your kitchen when food overheats? One solution to add style and make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier is glass tiles or glass blocks. The project near Boston, Massachusetts created a colorful block wall behind the vented stove to make the old fireplace stand out from the new, contemporary block. This wall also had the advantage that the light was directed through this inner wall into the adjacent bathroom.


Kitchen Backsplash – The backsplash

Under your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be boring. If you want to let in light from the outside and add style with an easy-to-clean material, consider using an 8″ or 16″ vinyl-framed window system in the backsplash “Finished height. Blocks can be supplied in clear glass” . , stained glass or even decorative pattern blocks (contemporary block designs, fruit patterns and over 150 other standard and unlimited custom blocks are also available) In many cases, blocks can add light and reduce costs, for example by using decorative glass tiles back.

This is just a short list of ways glass blocks can add style, interest, and practicality to your next kitchen countertop, window, wall, or  decorative backsplash behind stove  project.

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