Hobbyist Desktop DIY CNC Machine for home use

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Recently, it has become more and more popular among craftsmen to use CNC (computer numerical control) machines for home use. Today, almost everyone has a personal computer, desktop or laptop, which can help to do very precise and time-consuming routine work in the fields of modeling, electronics, graphics, etc.

Why do we need a DIY desktop CNC machine?

Well, if an amateur hobbyist has a strong theory and experience in manufacturing precision mechanics and electronics, he is able to design and manufacture an aluminum cnc machining for his own purpose. But not everyone can take this task. To make an inexpensive hobby machine, you will need a DIY tabletop CNC machine. For a ready and established “lazy” machine with a stepper motor would be a good choice.

  • Applications
  • Using the machine as a tool, you can:
  • Through holes (manufacture of printed circuits);
  • Mill on wood, plastic, very harmful flood, MDF and similar materials;
  • Cut complex shapes from pieces of plywood (for example in modeling);
  • Engraving on any non-metallic material.

Using the device as a pen or other pen, you can create designs and inscriptions on a variety of materials and objects, including paper, film, CDs and DVDs.

When you use the machine as a tool head with a laser diode, you may be able to:

  • Burn printed wiring photos in the production of amateur circuits;
  • Burn photos, graphics and labels from different materials (wood, Plexiglas, plastic, leather, etc.)
  • Cut letters, inscriptions and drawings on types of self-adhesive advertising films on micro porous materials 1-6 mm thick;
  • Burning wood, taking plywood photos, burning family photos;
  • Laser engraved identification plates on plastic and metal;
  • Cut materials that are not thick in a complex formation;

If you need such a machine for home use, I would recommend the DIY three-axis CNC table machine. It is made of aluminum material, durable and solid. With adjustable focal length, you can use it for wood carving and so on. Its main purposes are wood table engraving, laser engraving, PCB carving, acrylic carving, etc. In addition, this machine is equipped with a constant current driver, which ensures a stable optical output power. And no external driver card is required. So, as far as I’m concerned, this DIY desktop three-axis CNC machine would be a good choice for home use.

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