How much you will invest after a certain period of time

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I have already mentioned that, as a general rule, you can opt for investments that say that you will earn so many percent per year, those that say that you will earn the rate of inflation plus x percent, or those in which you you are not sure how much you will earn.

And, yes, there are those who can leave you in the negative: you lose everything, and you still owe.


There are investment modalities that, no matter how much you wait, you will not be able to transform into live money at the time. Real estate is a good example.

Even asking for a very low price, according to the market it will take weeks to get sold – add another day or two to go through the notary and company bureaucracies.

A savings already has immediate liquidity, but it loses in profitability for almost all other investments.

Who invests in equities knows well what that is. Stocks, foreign currency, art, etc.

In these investments there is always the possibility that you will leave with less than you entered, or not profit as much as more traditional options; take a jewel, for example.

As soon as you set foot outside the jewelry store, it depreciates, loses all value-added money (in some rare cases the brand name of the jewelry still retains some brand value, but not much).

But the opposite can also happen. And, especially in the case of stocks, the longer you stay in the paper of a solid company , the greater the chances that you will profit – and I am not even considering dividends here.

There are other investments in which you risk losing everything.

There are those that you run the risk of owing. And there are quite safe ones.

See the destination you want to give that money, despite the three factors: money for retirement does not need liquidity at the moment, money to pay bills should offer little risk, etc.

And always put your resources to work for you , noho stock to the golden rules of wealth.

3 – Gold seeks the protection of the cautious owner who invests it according to the advice of wise men in its management

He has grown to have over three hundred companies under the Virgin name , challenging every major company from British Airways to Coca-Cola with varying levels of success.

He owns funds to a space travel company. And, like many entrepreneurs, he was once invited to play an entrepreneurial reality show , and there it was for television.

In the last episode, Branson proposes one last challenge to the winner. He could walk away with the prize check, or he could risk heads-or-crowns.



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