How to Choose Surrogacy Clinics

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Surrogacy can be a viable solution to parenthood for some people. However, the process of finding a surrogacy clinic can be overwhelming, as there are a vast number of agencies, clinics, and professionals from which to choose. When searching for a surrogacy clinic, it’s important to find one that can provide you with a supportive and caring experience.

Check if the clinics comply with the surrogacy laws

The clinic should comply with surrogacy laws. The surrogacy laws define all the terms, conditions, and obligations to legally and morally perform surrogacy. It is very difficult to get legal permission to perform surrogacy in other countries. However, Brazil has legalized surrogacy law. Thus, any clinic or doctor performing surrogacy in Brazil should comply with the surrogacy laws.

Check if they give the surrogacy intended parents access

Surrogacy intended parents should receive access to the baby early on. Maternal surrogates should be able to visit the home a few times a day from day one. For the first few months, the intended parents should try to stay with the baby. The goal is to increase bonding. Once the child is born, the intended parents should at least be able to visit once a day.

Check if the clinics are transparent for surrogacy

A clinic should have no problem with you asking all the questions you need to. After all, it is only morally right that you should be able to make an informed decision about surrogacy. You should ask them how much they charge, as well as how many babies they have delivered, and what their success rate is.

Check if they have enough surrogates

Surrogates are young women who carry a baby for another person for nine months. Once the child is born, the surrogate mother delivers the child. Doctors and nurses must carefully monitor surrogates during the pregnancy, important for the health and survival of the baby.

Check if they have the surrogates’ STD tests

When you are interested in using a surrogate mother, you should check if they have the surrogate’s STD tests. Many surrogates and intended parents skip this step, and that can be dangerous. Surrogates should have regular STD tests, including HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and syphilis. These tests will not only give you peace of mind but they could also be legally required.

Check if they have experienced doctors

In addition to new faces, many doctors have experience. Although this may not sound like a big deal, many doctors are new because they left another practice or hospital because of a lack of support or training. Sometimes it even comes down to the convenience of the new facility.

Check if they have specialists for the surrogate pregnancy

Before you finalize your decision and have a surrogate pregnancy, make sure they have specialists for this. Like with any other pregnancy, there are risks involved. The surrogate pregnancy will need a lot of care, and expecting mothers need to be extra careful. If the surrogate pregnancy is carried through, the chances of complications are very rare. However, complications can occur, and in these cases, medical specialists will come to the rescue. Ask your agency or agencia gestación subrogada whenever suffering for any issues during your surrogacy journey.


In summary, surrogacy clinics have changed over time. Nowadays they typically offer a range of surrogacy services, from initial consultation to pre-birth support. They are open 24 hours a day. They can make arrangements for transport to and from the clinic. They can provide childcare, travel, and accommodation. Some clinics specialize in single-parent surrogacy, while others work with couples.

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