How To Reduce Coughing While Vaping?

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Most new vapers tend to cough while vaping after switching to the e-cigarettes from the traditional ones. These have several reasons behind them, including the techniques they use, the quantity of smoke they intake, and the type of vape devices they use. To inhale vape without coughing, it is essential to choose methods or tricks that will help you have a soothing and comfortable experience.

Try Using New Techniques To Vape

Most people end up coughing when they switch from tobacco-based traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes due to the difference in consuming them. Generally, smokers can be categorized into two specific categories: the ones who breathe the smoke directly into their lungs and the other who use the mouth to lung technique. As a beginner, it is better to start by using the mouth to lung technique and then slowly move on to the direct lung technique to inhale vape without coughing. Trying the natural to the lung may be strenuous and cause a lot of damage to the smoker.

Changing The Ratio Of VG And PG In The Juice


The two main components that make up the e-liquid are the PG and the vegetable glycerin. Higher PG levels are generally preferred by professional smokers who can handle denser smokes, but it is best to get a vape pen with a higher VG ratio if you have just started with the habit. The other components in the liquid that includes nicotine, and flavor act as additives that only change the feel and the taste of the juice. 


A hard hit consists of a higher level of PG and nicotine, and since PG can act as an irritant to several users, it is best to keep the liquid to the lower side. The best way to smoothen the hit is by blending the VG and PG in the right quantities. 


Flavors can also make smokers cough at times as they create a stronger hit, especially flavors like menthol may be troublesome to the throat. 

Give Yourself Some Time

It is very normal for new vapers to struggle to adjust to the technique for some time. The presence of the vapor creates a tingling sensation in the throat that may lead to coughing. In such cases, there isn’t much that you can do other than taking small hits and choosing to go for stronger hits once your body is ready to take in the bigger gulps. 

Always Stay Hydrated 

Vaping generally dehydrates the body, so it is essential to keep a bottle of water when you start vaping. It is hard for new vapers to begin chain vaping without coughing, so it is necessary to make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated to reduce these side effects. 


Lowering The Wattage And Restricting The Airflow

Using an overly powerful device may lead to various health hazards along with coughing. The stronger Slickvapes have higher wattages that mean it creates more vapor and gets hot very soon. These two reasons cause coughing. Larger amounts of smoke begin to condense inside the lungs, throats, and mouth, creating an irritating sensation. So it is best not to take larger hits or hold back the vapor in the lungs for a long period. Lowering the wattage or reducing the airflow allows individuals users to take a longer hit without inhaling the excessive smoke.

Conclusively these techniques can help you inhale vape without coughing. On the hunt for top-rated vaping products? Try Geek Vape Aegis Legend and other high-quality vapes from


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