How to secure a simple front door?

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A report released in 2020 by the Tampa Bay police said that in the USA, a burglary occurs every 90 seconds. Since the front door is the first thing you see when entering a building or a home.. Almost all burglars use it to enter the property. To reinforce the security of its habitat, the first step would be to reconsider its front door.

Slip into the shoes of a burglar.

Slipping into the shoes of a burglar is the most effective way to know the vulnerable points to strengthen. By considering the possible types of break-ins. The results will make it possible to identify the susceptible parts of its front door.

Through the door

With a glass door, a burglar is able to break the glass from the outside. It will then be enough for him to pass his hands through the new cracks to turn the handle and enter inside. A kick may be enough to make an old wooden door open. In both cases, the best solution would be to completely change your front door.

Through the lock

Taking an x-ray to enter the private property is the old burglar’s technique, a less effective method. But one that can still work on an old front door. Picking, drilling or pulling, an unsecured door is easy to dethrone.

On the hinges

As the final break-in point, a burglar may choose to attack the hinges, an area that is complex to breach, but not impossible.

Strengthen your existing front door.

Currently, most hardware stores sell accessories to verify the identity of the visitor before opening the door. The eyecup, or optical peephole, presents itself as the ideal bulwark before the opening of its front door. A door lock, on the other hand, creates a restraint to allow the owner to visualize his interlocutor for a few seconds before letting him enter his home. It is possible to combine these two types of reinforcements. Sometimes you just need to change the type of lock to solve the problem.

Choosing the right type of lock

The lock plays a leading role in securing the front door. Activated with a handle or a button on the inside and a key on the outside. The button lock is a classic door lock. For added security, there is another type of double-entry lock. With a cylinder on each of the two sides of a door. It can only be operated by the presence of a key. You can also choose multi-point locks. As a last resort, there are lock models that adapt to door sets: with an elongated bolt, with a metal frame, or even for a covering door.

Put an optical peephole on your door.

Made up of two essential metal parts, a traditional optical peephole is easy to mount on a door. Brass and aluminum should be screwed together, except one are on the inside (viewfinder) and the other is on the outside (lens). Before choosing an optical peephole, the first criterion to take into account is the thickness of the door. Generally, it varies from 25 to 41 mm or from 37 to 85 mm. Another point that must be taken into consideration is the viewing angle offered by the lens. It can range from 132 to 200 ° depending on the space to be monitored. Also, adding a magnifying effect to its lens is possible.

Attach a crotch

The airlock allows visitors to view them without granting them immediate access. For this, there are rigid models in brass or stainless steel and flexible chain models. If the presence of a cupboard can contribute to discomfort in the tilting of the lever arm. The chain model is more recommended. In both cases, the half-opening must be discreet to be in harmony with the decoration inside the home.

Reinforce the hinges or install hinges on the door.

Sometimes, you just need to reinforce the hinges of your door to have peace of mind at home. On the market, two types of reinforcement with hinges are presented. A system with tenons and bushes and reinforcement on a plate. The latter is built on two parts (female and male) that fit one into the other when the door closes. With an implementation that requires only limited tools, a few hours are enough to put it into service. It also limits the release of the door.

For an entrance door that has been in service for more than 10 years, we can consider replacing it with a much more recent one. The new models put on the market automatically integrate innovative security elements without being costly.

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