How To Take Care OF Your Marijuana Seedlings: Various Factors That Affects It Growth

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Growing weed can be an interesting and fun process. But at the same time, it can come with various hurdles. To ensure that you have the best products, you must offer the utmost care to your I Love Growing Marijuana. It is necessary that you control their size, boost their roots’ growth, and offer them the right kind of nutrients. 


The first stage involves the emergence of the embryo after the germination process is completed. As the embryo receives nourishment and the right amount of moisture, the little seedlings start appearing. This is the plant’s development stage, and it extends from the germination stage to the emergence of the cotyledon and the emergence of the true leaves. It is necessary for you as a grower to analyze the needs of the newborn seedling as they are highly fragile and spindly. 


Light Requirements

The excessive vertical growth of the plant reduces their yielding capacity, which can be due to certain environmental or genetic factors in the sativa plants. The shoots grow towards the light, and the phenomenon is known as positive phototropism. So in case your plant shows signs of excessive vertical growth, it is maybe due to stress due to the absence of strong light sources. The outdoor plants move according to the sun, which is the main source of heat and light, so it is better to use grow lights that can make the plants move in a way that will offer them enough light to grow adequately. 


Temperature And Stress

The temperature also affects the growth of the marijuana seedlings, so if the temperature is over 80 degrees centigrade, the plants will start to grow upwards. It is also necessary to look out for the stressful situations that may cause the plants to become flimsy and leggy. The seedlings tend to react to stress by stretching out, so it is necessary to be vigilant in this regard. Suppose you find your seedling too weak to grow upwards. It’s best to provide them with vertical support to help them out. Slight breezes also help make the shoots stronger and more resistant as the plants are forced to focus on their energies rather than stretching. 


Look Out For Fungi

Some of the most common infestations in marijuana seedlings is caused by parasitic fungi like Rhizoctonia and Pythium. These lead to common plant diseases like damping off that makes the plants wither and die. These harmful organisms are attracted towards wet and warm environments, and they prevent the movement of the nutrients and don’t allow the roots to absorb them. The best way to fight against such diseases is to take preventive action. So if you see that the surface of the substrate is still damp, make sure not to add water and wait till it dries up. 


Conclusively controlling these environmental conditions can help you take care of your seedlings, which will help offer a maximum yield and vest end results.


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