Is It Possible To Avail Of EMI On Smartphones Without A Credit Card?

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Realme phones on EMI

Realme, the youth-centric smartphone company, has introduced an EMI facility without a credit card on various different smartphone models. You can buy several Realme phones on EMI with this facility. Customers get 0 percent interest on EMI for buying a Realme smartphone without using a credit card at numerous online sites. Some of the smartphones included in this offer are Realme 8, Realme C25s, Realme C21Y, and the recently launched Realme GT Master Edition. Realme was the top Smartphone maker in Bangladesh in 2021. It also comes under the top 6 smartphone producers in the global rankings.

Steps to Buy a Realme Smartphone on EMI Without Credit Card

Customers can now buy Realme phones on EMI without a credit card via various different methods. You can purchase the latest Realme smartphones without stressing about the high cost. You can visit the Realme store and buy any product of your choice via no Cost EMI.

You can buy smartphones with 0% interest on EMI on various e-commerce platforms through EMI cards. You can also buy a Realme smartphone online on EMI with a debit card. Follow the given steps to complete the purchase-

  • Visit the official website of Realme
  • Select the smartphone you want to purchase
  • Go ahead with checkout and select the ‘EMI card’ or ‘debit card’¬† option as your chosen mode of payment.
  • Select the suitable EMI tenure
  • Complete the authentication process with the OTP received, and it’s done

These are a few simple steps that you need to follow to buy a Realme smartphone on EMI.

Benefits of Choosing EMI without Credit Card

Buying the latest smartphones on EMI is a great option for people who cannot afford to pay the whole amount in one go. Here are some benefits of using the EMI card-

  1. Flexibility- If you select the EMI card option, online sites provide you the opportunity to select from various repayment durations, starting from 3 months to 24 months, which gives you a chance to pick a payment plan that best suits your requirements.
  2. Hassle-free process- The application process for the EMI card is hassle-free as it just requires the submission of a few documents, after which you can use your card to buy a smartphone.
  3. No foreclosure cost- Generally, if a borrower wants to settle a loan and prepay before the duration finishes, they need to pay some amount. However, with the EMI card option, you don’t have to worry about this issue. You can prepay before the duration ends, and you would not have to pay any additional costs such as foreclosure charges.

Therefore, apart from the benefit of no-cost EMI, Realme provides many other benefits that will surely make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Other Options to Choose

The newly introduced EMI without credit card option is a way to tick items off your shopping list as early as possible. There are a number of sites that offer various payment methods that do not require a credit card. You can go to any Realme store and buy your chosen smartphone via debit card EMI, Consumer durable loans, or EMI card option.

  • Debit Card EMI- Users can use their debit cards to purchase a smartphone online on EMI without using a credit card. Various leading banks offer this payment method to their customers. But you would have to check with your bank or lending institution if you are eligible for this option.
  • EMI Card- You can buy a Realme phone on EMI by using an EMI card. This is generally considered a pre-approved loan with which you can buy products and convert them into easy EMIs. EMI card facility is also provided by most leading banks.
  • Consumer Durable Loan- This is the most popular method to purchase any mobile on EMI without having to use a credit card. These loans are generally personal loans taken for buying electronic appliances.

You can also enjoy various benefits like no-cost EMI, pre-approved loans, and flexible and convenient repayment tenure.


The introduction of the ‘EMI card’ option has made buying smartphones easy and convenient. This option comes with a variety of benefits which you can use to buy a Realme phone on EMI. Other benefits like zero down payments, interest-free EMI, and flexible repayment periods are also offered by a couple of e-commerce sites. Hence, this is the perfect time to buy a Realme smartphone.

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