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Just south of downtown Vancouver, across English Bay, is the beautiful area of ​​Kitsilano. Famous for its food, shopping, beaches, tree-lined avenues and friendly relaxation, Kist (as it’s casually called) is a popular community that many want to be a part of. Kits are the hoods that help fuel Vancouver’s real estate market.

Originally a Greek area, it has undergone many cultural and culinary changes over the last twenty years. You can’t stop without finding a great Greek restaurant,

If you like that shopping spree, the endless print shops along 4th Avenue and Broadway will satisfy your desire to pile up your credit cards. Fine Italian suits, Parisian shoes, Canadian antique furniture, vintage records, organic markets and trendy children’s shops are just a few of the many options you will find. It’s certainly not cheap, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a bargain.

Anytime in the middle of summer (if it’s not raining),

you can spread out another beach blanket on the wide grass and sand and drive or walk along the beautiful Kitsilano beach. Literally hundreds of sunrooms provide the perfect place to sunbathe, watch endless games of beach volleyball, play Frisbees and bocce balls, enjoy picnics, or watch I Am. Most of the time, but some. No one can be caught swimming (like most cities with oceans close to large urban populations), but there are many people who are adamant enough that this is not true.

During the spring, summer and early fall, the lush forest trails create a rainforest oasis.

The perfect mix of multi-million dollar (on the cheaper side) and low-rise condos and rental apartments creates an interesting mix that makes Kist a truly diverse area. UBC (University of British Columbia) is just minutes away, with students occupying a significant portion of the rental market and occupying basement rooms in a 100-year-old character house. The Vancouver Condos for Sale commercial market loves these old homes with rooms.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of Kitsilano is the social aspect.

Pull up your chair on the Sidewalk Lounge to enjoy a coffee, beer or BC wine, or simply watch the action on the lively sidewalk. I am very busy, but in the same breath I relax. People are friendly and outgoing and enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon taking in the beauty of the neighborhood.

Take a look before you move into the neighborhood

Before you decide to invest in a neighborhood, do you want to see what the area looks like first? Most people shop or rent around the neighborhood first before moving. This usually involves getting into your car, but if it’s in Vancouver, BC, Canada, you don’t have to. With websites and YouTube videos showing each of Vancouver’s 23 different areas, you can invest your time and money in making the best choices before you move to them.

Quality of life in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great place to live and grow your property value. This writer has lived in this area for over 54 years. I spend about three months in the cold, unable to go out, but the rest of the time it is pleasant and interesting to see. This is the best season, very hot in summer and not too cold in winter. The mountains are not very high or far away. Vancouver has plenty of clean mountain water to drink and plenty of oceans to enjoy. Spring is coming on time, maybe as early as February.

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