Loft Stairs Review: The Doll Extra plus Wooden Folding Loft Stairs

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If you lack storage space in your home, it’s time to start thinking creatively about where you can store all those valuables. If you have an attic in your home, you may be using it for storage. Attic stairs are the most common way to access these spaces, but your stairs may be weak, low and unstable, and perhaps the position of the ladder with loose legs and bent legs will likely prevent you from transporting large bulky items up into the attic. . Simply improving the stairs in your attic can help you make better use of your space. Here is some information about Dole’s timber supplies folding platform ladder: the Extra Plus.

Attic Stairs: About the doll extra plus

Perhaps the most important feature of the staircase is that it is designed to meet the European standard known as BS EN 14975. This is essentially a complete set of standards and tests that a sofa staircase must meet. For example, the angle of ascent must be stable, and the staircase construction and design must be acceptable. Ladders or rings are tested for curvature, static load tests on all steps, fatigue tests and hand control tests among others will evaluate the overall performance of the ladder, including landing control, vertical testing and ability to withstand upward pressure. Such ladders should also be designed to prevent inadvertent openings and should be tested to ensure compliance with these standards.

Attic Stairs: Doll Extras plus Features

The ladder has a test weight of 265 kg and its maximum working load of 150 kg. Remember that the total work load is the combined weight of the operator, plus any tools or equipment that goes up or down the ladder. The staircase consists of 3 sections and is made of durable pine and non-slip beech steps for extra stability. The heated hatch has a sandwich construction and is finished in white. The insulation is 50 mm polystyrene with a K value of 0.62 W/m2. The stairs come in two sizes and measure 332 cm from floor to ceiling.

Attic ladder: some doll extras and more specs

The unique feature of this staircase is that it does not require seamless arches or attic storage. The mechanism is a constant balance spring system that ensures smooth application and wear. The spring system frees the ladder from opening and closing. Another key feature is the specially designed height adjustment system. Steel rails offer a lot of safety and security. The stairs themselves have plastic architraves and steps, so the floor is not damaged. Functional wood is also supplied. Expect to pay between£260 and £290 for this quality platform staircase.As the stairs lead to the loft, the Dole Extra Plus has good quality and a good range of functions.

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