Medical application development features and why it is so popular

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Medical application development

Medicine, like most other fields, has undergone rapid transformation due to advances in technology. The use of healthcare app development has increased worldwide. Large numbers of people rely on them for everything from medical care to general health and well-being. Therefore, the development of doctor mobile applications is one of the significant application requirements when we consider the situation today. You can book an appointment through the app. In this way, you can save time, but also reduce your mental stress. When your family member is sick and has to wait for a long time with the illness in the hospital, it will definitely be a bad experience.

Doctors are also rapidly changing the way they offer treatment, with more and more hospitals hiring mobile app development companies for healthcare apps. Apps for doctors are not just about convenience. Thanks to this mobile app development, satisfaction rates are higher than ever, averaging around 85% in healthcare. These mobile applications help to simplify the interaction between patients and doctors, making the entire medical process easier.

Benefits of developing a Doctor app

We all know that hospitals and healthcare workers around the world are making valiant efforts to save lives during the pandemic. But COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly. There is no rest for the doctors and nurses on the endlessly fighting front line. As the coronavirus affects the healthcare industry, social distancing is our only way to ease the burden on hospitals.

Medical apps help patients connect with doctors and reduce the burden on healthcare professionals. These mobile apps offer virtual assistance to patients 24/7 by connecting them with certified doctors through calls, texts or video calls. With this type of software development, doctors can learn about their patient’s symptoms and provide a digital prescription (if needed). Thanks to such mobile app development, the mobile health industry is expected to reach nearly $60 billion this year, according to Statista. There are many benefits associated with developing healthcare mobile apps, especially during this crisis. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of custom mobile app development for the medical field.

Providing patient care at home:

Today, doctor apps are considered a boon for doctors and other healthcare professionals. The app for doctors informs the doctor about the patient’s symptoms and medical conditions. These apps can be designed to measure disease symptoms and generate a report. Based on the report, the doctor can take appropriate decisions and even issue prescriptions that can be reached through the app. A recent survey found that 92% of doctors favor health apps to improve patient health, while 40% believe it could reduce clinic visits.

The rise of new business models and opportunities:

It’s not that doctor apps have shown their main focus on doctors and patients, but they have provided new business models and opportunities. Medical staff no longer use old procedures but instead use mobile applications to send referrals.

It is basically a cloud-based referral management system. Doctors can also write resourceful recommendations, which in turn influence medical organizations to promote themselves digitally through the increase in patient information. These days the exposure of the medical field has expanded and become very diversified by leaps and bounds. Many people are downloading health apps for various purposes such as women’s health and pregnancy care, elderly care, etc., which opens new vibrant opportunities in the process.

Timely care even in remote places:

Rural areas or remote locations with limited medical facilities nearby can benefit from a doctor’s app. These areas can benefit from timely care using mobile applications. By making video calls with prescribing doctors (if they exist) digitally, most residents in remote locations could receive better care without having to travel to a hospital. In this way, it would be possible to collectively reduce regular visits to clinics, as doctors monitor the health of their patients through a mobile application. Users can also get basic health tips through push notifications.

It creates new live opportunities:

From the adoption of advanced technologies to the increased focus on patient-centric healthcare delivery, many key factors are expected to drive the growth of healthcare mobile app development opportunities. Several categories of medical apps such as pregnancy care and women’s health are showing more downloads and have created new vibrant opportunities in mobile app development. If you are interested in on-demand doctor mobile app development then you can join any reputed mobile app development company.

Key features for effective physician app development

There are many features that are needed to develop a proficient on-demand medical mobile app. The Doctor app should have all the important features and functions so that patients can easily connect with their doctors using it. Every doctor app should also be user-friendly. Because these applications must store large amounts of patient information, they must be designed with the best data security features.

Creating a login page and user profile:

The development of a mobile application for doctors should start with the creation of a login page and a user profile. On this page, users can add their information, which includes their name, age, gender, and contact information. You can also tell the user to provide basic details regarding their health, which may include weight, height; details of other common conditions such as diabetes or specific problems such as high or low blood pressure. All these details will act as the patient’s unique medical chart.


This feature is considered second on the list of most important features in a doctor app. The ability of any medical app to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments is critical to effective communication between doctors and patients. Today, this amazing feature is present in the best doctor apps. Due to a busy routine, scheduling through the mobile app is convenient, happens in real-time and automatically sends notifications.

Construction doctor profile:

Another important feature of this software development is the creation of a profile of the doctor and his staff. It contains the doctor’s name and his area of ​​specialization such as cardiologist or physician. In the Additional Details section, this should include the location of his clinic or hospital, and the specific days and times he is available. Years of experience, details of medical degrees and qualifications add significance to the profile.

Patient Profiles:

For patient profiles, the doctor app should include things like personal information so that doctors can review the case history when they are going to see a patient for the first time. Relative document uploading and scanning capabilities would undoubtedly come in handy in such applications.


The most important feature in any doctor’s mobile app development is patient vital signs monitoring. It should include blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, pulse, calorie intake, etc.

Two-way communication between doctor and patient:

Effective communication between doctor and patient is important for patient satisfaction and treatment effectiveness. Remote communication is a great feature for a reliable medical application. Patients can get feedback from their doctors and know their treatment progress and medication adherence. It is also a known fact that mobile technology is difficult for many patients to get used to while connecting directly with a doctor or other healthcare professional in such an app helps make the mobile experience more natural.

Payment and Feedback:

Payment is another important feature of healthcare software development. The application must be integrated with the necessary payment methods so that the user does not have any problems while making online payments. Safe and security factors must be included to prevent the leakage of patient data. Feedback features can help users of the app rate the app and service accordingly.


Notifications are considered to be the best options when developing any mobile app. Both doctors and patients can benefit from the notification. Doctors can receive notifications about appointments and changes in their schedules. On the other hand, patients can be reminded to take their medication, go to the hospital, undergo a medical procedure, or refill their prescriptions.

Offline access:

24/7 Internet access is important when it comes to healthcare. As doctors have to deal with emergencies on a daily basis, lives should not depend on the quality of the internet connection. This is why offline access is a key feature of many medical apps for doctors. And why a mobile app development company needs to ensure that all critical health data stored in the app has an offline backup in case of a power outage or other problem.

Designing an app for doctors is a challenge. It is completely different from developing a game or any other type of application. It requires attention to detail and compliance with various laws. However, if properly developed, it will change the routine and ultimately become a great force for a better medical and healthcare experience.

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