Medical Marketing for a pharmacy: how to attract customers

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One of the fundamental factors of a successful business is medical marketing. Pharmacies, in this sense, are also no exception. Therefore, to maximize profits and attract new customers, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of marketing and develop an effective strategy, considering all the medical field’s features.


Fundamentals of Medical Marketing

Fundamental signs of interaction

Form style

Buyer’s face

Loyalty system

Online promotion

Promotion in social networks


Fundamentals of Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing is a special kind of activity that is aimed at increasing sales. Therefore, studying the principles of this process is mandatory for all professionals involved in commercial activities, including managers and employees of pharmaceutical companies.

The main objectives of medical marketing are:

  • increase in profit;
  • increase in sales;
  • maintaining a positive image.

It should be noted that when planning a marketing strategy, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of medicine and advertising in this area—for example, a ban on advertisements for prescription-only drugs in the media.

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Fundamental principles of interaction

The principles of interaction in marketing are the relationship between subjects and objects of the market. The issues are the heads of pharmacies and marketers. The objects are:

  • Pharmacy and its employees;
  • Goods: medicines, hygiene products, dietary supplements (biologically active additives);
  • Buyers;
  • Marketing tools.

The interaction of staff and customers is another important point of medical marketing.

The relationship between the subject and the object constitutes pharmacy management and marketing activities. The simplest example is product cost management. Raising the price reduces the demand for a product, and by lowering it, you increase it. In addition, many other aspects go into the basics of marketing for pharmacies.

Form style

All pharmacies provide the same range of medicines, but how to motivate customers to come to you? Chain pharmacies should be decorated in the same style, which helps customers recognize you. Each pharmacy should have a signboard with the name, shelving, prescription department, customer corner, information poster about the discount program, branded packages, and clothing for staff. All interior and exterior designs of pharmacies must be done following a single corporate style.

Buyer’s face

Try to get to know who your main customers are. For example, it can be young mothers or people of retirement age. Based on this, organize promotions or offer discounts.

Loyalty system

Offer all new customers a discount or accumulation card. Set up SMS notifications about upcoming promotions or discounts. This will attract new customers and keep old ones. People are always happy if given a deal, even 2-3%.

Web Promotion

Your medical website design is an additional marketing tool to help push your pharmacy to the next level. There, your customers can follow promotions and discounts, find addresses and contact numbers of outlets, and learn about the assortment.

Many executives of pharmaceutical companies believe that to attract new customers, it is enough to create a website, and then it will live on its own and make a profit. However, it is not. For your site to be truly successful and effective, you need to constantly engage in its promotion in search engines and identify and fix problems in time. Only qualified specialists should deal with such issues; therefore, it is better to contact a marketing agency if you do not have suitable employees.

Promotion in social networks

Maintaining groups on social networks, Facebook, on behalf of the company has become an integral part of today’s marketing strategy is a great way to get closer to your customers, convey the necessary information, and get feedback.


Thanks to an effective marketing strategy, you can attract new customers to the pharmacy and retain old ones. Use promotion tools suitable for the medical field, and then the pharmacy will bring a good profit.


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