Medical Screening Process of Surrogacy in California

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The medical screening process of surrogacy in California ensures a lady that she is an excellent candidate for surrogacy. Undergoing a surrogate medical screening helps the team of a surrogacy agency. To confirm that surrogacy is safe for the woman. It also helps them to determine the agency whether the surrogate will be able to carry on the surrogacy. To the full term or she will be unable to continue that.

Prenatal and Delivery Records from All Previous Pregnancies

When you will be matched with particular intended parents in CA, their doctors will want to take your prenatal. The delivery records from all previous pregnancies. The surrogacy agency will demand those records with your application. As a candidate of being a surrogate in California in order to prevent the possible delays of submitting the records to the doctors when they want them.

Medical Evaluation Form with Initial Paperwork

The medical screening process of surrogacy in California considers the medical evaluation form with the initial paperwork a very important element of your surrogacy. The form confirms that your personal doctor has declared. Whether you are capable of starting a journey for another pregnancy safely.

Note the First Day of Your Last Menstrual Period

The nurses of the IVF clinic decide which particular medication you will begin from which day as a surrogate. And that is why they will have to know the information about the date of starting your last menstrual cycle. You will have to note down the first day of your last menstrual period. It is mandatory for the medical screening process of surrogacy in California.

Current Pap Smear Results must be Normal

Pap test, also known as Pap smear, cervical smear, cervical screening, or smear test is a process of cervical screening used. To discover or identify the presence or existence with the capacity to develop or happen. In the future precancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix or opening of the uterus of the womb or colon in the woman who is the surrogate of the intended parents. The results from the current Pap smear should be negative or within the normal ranges or limits. If the results are abnormal or there is any symptom of progression to cervical cancer, the doctors will document it. And then the doctors will need to take you into follow-up care. You might consist of colposcopy which is a medical diagnostic procedure to visually examine the cervix plus. The vagina and vulva use a coloscope, LEEP which is a loop electrical expansion procedure. It’s means surgery that treats the cervical presence of cells of an abnormal type within a tissue, which may signify a stage preceding the development of cancer.

Blood and Urine Tests

The medical screening process of surrogacy in California will order the local labs to take the following tests. You and your hopeful parents through examining your given sample of blood and urine – 1. HIV, 2. Syphilis is a chronic bacterial disease that is contracted mainly by infection during sexual intercourse. It is also congenitally by infection of a developing fetus, 3. Hepatitis, 4. CMV, 5. GC, 6. Drugs screening, 7. Nicotine screening, and 8. Chlamydia is a very small parasitic bacterium that like a virus, requires the biochemical mechanism of another cell. In order to reproduce that causes various diseases including trachoma, psittacosis, and nonspecific urethritis.

After the surrogacy agency and agencias gestacion subrogada  in California gets the above records and test results of the medical screening process of surrogacy in CA, they will forward them to the fertility clinic for further review where the doctors may ask for additional blood tests, an ultrasound, an exam to check for fibroids, scar tissue, or polyps. If everything is okay, you will be taken to the next phases of surrogacy.

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