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Molybdenum has high heat resistance, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. For this reason, molybdenum rods are widely used for heating elements and structural parts in high-temperature furnaces. Molybdenum rods are often used as electrodes in rare earth smelting and glass melting. Molybdenum and its alloy cores are also used in the manufacture of various small molybdenum crucibles, parts for molybdenum ion implantation, molybdenum parts for electric lights, and molybdenum castings. Molybdenum TZM alloys are base metal alloys consisting of a molybdenum matrix to which elements such as lanthanum, zirconium, titanium, niobium, and rhenium are added. TZM alloys are widely used for tools, molds, and high temperature components. Hot-drilled caps for seamless steel pipes using molybdenum TZM are widely used. Lanthanum molybdenum oxide alloys, in which pure molybdenum is alloyed with an appropriate amount of lanthanum oxide, are also called high-temperature molybdenum in the industry, effectively increasing the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum, reducing product deformation in a certain temperature range and improving service life.

Molybdenum rods and molybdenum alloy rods include the following products

Sintered molybdenum rods

In general, molybdenum rods require forging to increase density and improve microstructure. However, in the case of molybdenum bars and posts exceeding 120 mm in diameter, the individual weight is too large, so forging cannot be performed at present, and only sintered products can be provided. The surface of sintered molybdenum rods has a silver-gray color.

Forged molybdenum rod

Forged molybdenum rods are generally called black molybdenum rods because of the oxide film on the surface. The surface of forged molybdenum rods has a light oxide layer and marks from hammering. The density and microstructure of molybdenum rods are directly related to the fact that the molybdenum rods in the billet are completely deformed during the forging process.
Molybdenum strip, TZM strip
Molybdenum strips, TZM strips, and high-temperature molybdenum strips are used in the manufacture of high-temperature tools, molds, and various work pieces as well as parts for ion implantation. These applications place high demands on material density, weave uniformity, mechanical strength, and other physical properties, and the requirements for forging techniques exceed those for conventional cast rods.

Molybdenum Electrode Rods

Molybdenum electrode rods are mainly used for melting glass and rare earth metals and are made of molybdenum.

Molybdenum Tubes

Molybdenum tubes are generally used in gaseous or liquid at high temperature applications and are also used for thermocouple housings. Molybdenum tubes are forged from molybdenum rod, and the inside diameter of molybdenum tubes larger than 100 mm must normally be at least 8 mm.

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