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Not to mention the sale of Z-Day drinks and sandwiches. It should be noted, however, that EVIN law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages in the vicinity of sporting events. Communicate around the event

Now that you have confirmed your date and venue, you need to communicate with the event to generate an audience, sell more tickets, and attract a good number of attendees. Social networks, the internet, leaflet and leaflet distribution, posters, print and audio visual advertising … you have a thousand ways to promote your event. But in any case, it is necessary to check with the authorities to be familiar with the rules of communicating a joint event. The legal obligation to organize a competition or sporting competition

Organize a sports competition or competition,

Especially if it is carried out on public roads that are open to traffic, it is subject to strict regulatory requirements. Among other things, notify the incident to the competent administrative authority and request a certain number of authorizations.

Statement on sports competitions

This declaration must be sent to the sub-prefecture 6 weeks to 1 month before the scheduled date. If the event is for profit 스포츠중계 and brings together at least 1,500 people, a statement to the mayor will also be required. Following the investigation, the prefectural authority will then issue an acknowledgment to the association that it has been found.

The application letter for temporary employment in the public domain must contain some information about the event: nature and name, date and times, place or places involved (street, garden, building environment) and estimated population. Present.

The letter must be signed by the president of the association (or his representative) and three officials of the organization domiciled in the department in which the event begins. It is accompanied by:

List specifying name and address

People in charge of organizing the event from the itinerary if a trip is planned

Where applicable, written consent from the owners of the private land crossed during the event.

In addition, you must notify the delegation of the organization of a competition or sports competition if it is open to disciplinary holders who are subject to the delegation of powers and which results in a cash or in – kind award of over 3,000. Euro. This statement is in the form of a contract between you and the latter.

Application for authorization to organize a sporting event

In fact, applications for authorization to organize a sports competition vary depending on discipline and location.


In fact, if the sports competition is to be held on the public road, sections R. 331-7 to R. 331-10 and S. 331-2 to A. 331-7 of the Sports Code provide that applications must to do. to obtain authorization from the stewards of the Department in which the proceeding commences. If motor vehicle participation in the competition is not included, the application must be submitted to the sub-prefecture if it takes place in the area. If, on the other hand, the competition includes sections located in more than 20 different sections, the authorization of the Minister of the Interior is required.

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