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Water means small joints, balls and other activities that help children get out and join clubs, have fun, play sports and work with friends. But is it worth it to be part of a good organization? Can you be embarrassed, ashamed, or rewarded?

Yes, team play can be good or bad,

Fun or stressful, important or problematic. Parents who care about the effects of exercise on their children should know some tips that will help their children enjoy the best summer sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, horseback riding, swimming, hockey and volleyball. Affected. The instructions for parents are the same. To support your child under supervision and direction, remember the following:

Find one to invite your child.

Has the league seen the history of managers? Unfortunately, the person you don’t care about right now will be a beast. Agree, but rest assured. Does the teacher encourage or shout? Is it the key to winning or is it teamwork and teamwork? Does it allow anyone to play at least half of the game? Can participants do multiple jobs, or are they always just a small group of people in one job?

Make your child compete for your position

He won and rode a hot horse? Tourists bow their heads or fight for what they deserve? Are your child’s friends big, strong and smart? It’s not fun for kids to compete when success is small. Instead of riding your last horse or walking together, encourage them to have fun.

Learn the rules of the game.

Juvenile justice is not always an equal right. The more experience you have, the less stress and frustration you have with managers, players and coaches.

Remember that winning is just a race goal.

Make decisions. Victory is the key. Everyone loves to win. However, practice to show your skills, build your strength, teach 스포츠중계, improve your skills, follow the rules and show useful beauty like winning. The information your child can learn when he or she can’t win is more valuable than winning a particular game. Respect those who have joined others. This includes teachers, directors and other team members. Please support when other teams play well. Praise the swimmer for winning. Praise other players in front of their parents.

Follow your mind

Standards have been set for young athletes. Yes, I am happy, but I am happy and proud. Sitting at home is an opportunity to find out if you are out of control and sometimes causing criminals or taking care of others.

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