Production of eco-friendly suitcase boxes on low budget: 7 money saving tips

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If you want something lightweight to package your products, suitcase boxes are the right choice for you. They provide a unique way to package your products effectively rather than using traditional carriers. They are quite trendy, and their stylish appearance makes them stand out from the crowd. You can use them for multiple purposes. People prefer them to organize and present important things. Further, they are perfect for storage and packaging as well. They come in multiple sizes and styles. You can find them ranging from plain boxes to colourful decorative ones. Moreover, they can be used as an effective branding tool by customization.

Suitcase boxes are in high demand these days. They are used in trade shows, medical centres, automobile traders, packaging and retail industries, manufacturing facilities, and drug stores. Self-closing custom suitcase packages are a unique twist on conventional packaging. These containers with a handle are designed to occupy little space. Also, they are used as bin carriers to protect your stuff from any damage while being shipped. Their original colour is brown. Also, the good thing is that you can personalize them depending on your taste. Here we are going to discuss some tips on how to produce these eco-friendly boxes on a low budget. 

Do Customize Designing for Suitcase Boxes Yourself

Designing plays a key role in creating your product packaging boxes up to the mark. Every business has a different approach when it comes to customizing its packages. Some like to hire a service provider or a professional designer. In comparison, others may favour designing and printing their suitcase boxes themselves. If you desire to save money while creating your eco-friendly packages, it is ideal for designing them yourself. Different software is available online to assist you in finalizing the layout adjustments. Browse the style and design to make them more attractive to the customers. Also, when you are designing your packaging on your own, there is a high chance of showing your creativity. Thus, all these things make the overall process more cost-effective.

Consider the Right Sizes 

Choosing custom-sized boxes is another crucial factor in making your packaging inexpensive. Picking up a larger box than your product costs a lot. It makes you pay for the inserts and fillers to deliver it safely. The best way is to design custom-sized cardboard boxes for every product. Measure the product dimensions and design a package accordingly. This thing aid you be more sustainable. Such packaging not merely looks good but also reduces your production and shipment costs. Thus, bringing down the size of your shipments leads to a vast reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

Pick the Eco-friendly Packaging Material

If you need to reduce your cost of packaging, it is vital to choose an eco-friendly material. The use of Kraft paper or cardboard is the best choice when it comes to green packaging. The material is toxic-free, natural, and affordable. It has a minimal cost of production as it requires no advanced technology for its manufacturing. Going for its recycling lets, you save more natural resources and eventually money. It is flexible and highly versatile in nature. You can give any shape to your custom cardboard boxes with minimal effort and expense. The material brings out no waste. Thus, it protects our environment from carbon footprints. Also, recycling cardboard is quite easy. It requires less energy as compared to making it from scratch. Thus you can choose any sustainable packaging material like paperboard or corrugated board, etc., to make your custom packages on a low budget.

Create a Simple but Attractive Layout

Another money-saving tip to ponder during the production of eco-friendly boxes is to keep your packaging design simple and elegant. For example, to create printed suitcase boxes for a retail product, there is no need to embed it with excessive details. Also, avoid a heap of colours. Try to keep things hassle-free and simple to provide an eye-catchy display. Instead of using several colours together, experiment with a minimalistic style to leave a better impact. You can also try a simple brown Kraft box and attach a printed label to it having vital product details. A container with a simple and elegant interface looks interactive. And smart. It carries your items in a decent way. Add on a creative logo or custom tags. Also, go for name printing over the case to enhance its outlook. Such tactics aid in reducing your printing expense and creating a good impression on the buyers.

Keep Suitcase Boxes Light in Weight

When a business is highly concerned about keeping its packaging low in cost, an essential way is not to raise the weight of its packages. If you are adding some more weight to your custom packaging, it means that you have to pay an extra amount during their shipment. Useless weight does not only increase your expense but also ruins the impression for the shoppers. Kraft paper or cardboard is itself light in weight. They add nearly nothing to the weight of the items. Even if you go for adding corrugated layers, its durability uplifts without increasing the weight of your package. Thus, it makes it a great choice even to carry heavy stuff.

Encourage Reuse and Recycling 

Encouraging the customers to recycle and reuse their packaging is another economical tip. For this, you have to motivate them creatively. Print recycling symbols on your eco-friendly cardboard suitcase boxes. It makes them realize their role in resolving the issue of global warming. Thus, it increases buyers’ engagement and inclines them towards your brand. In short, containers having recycling properties or that are flexible to reuse may lessen your overall production cost to a great extent.

Modify the Printing Technology

The printing method you pick for your custom suitcase boxes also impacts your cost. Whether you choose offset or digital printing, it all depends upon the number of units you need and your requirement. For the small-run printing project, digital printing is efficient. It causes cost savings as compared to traditional printing. On the other hand, for large orders, offset printing is a better choice. Although it requires an initial investment, the cost per unit reduces by increasing the order size.

A creative way of presenting your product is to make use of suitcase boxes. All of them have a top handle and are available in designs ranging from elegant to simple. They are made in a way that they require less space. But, they can sort out hundreds of tiny things in them. They are no more than a blessing in managing your important stuff with less space. They are sustainable and offer the benefit of cost reduction. These stylish containers are quite durable, affordable, and appealing for packaging. You can have them from the packaging manufacturers to pack your products in the most efficient way.

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