Rajasthan Guidelines for Pandemic Travel

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We have all been affected by the Pandemic throughout these years. Each sector has seen a downtime in its business operations. Moreover, it is even more difficult for travelers to accept the lockdown and other impositions.

But according to time, the government of each state of India is providing various guidelines for tours and travels. Moreover, in each state, the rules and regulations for COVID-19 are different. Most tourist destinations have diverse safety guides for visitors. People need to follow travel guidelines to travel to other states and countries. 

Likewise, Rajasthan travel guidelines also create safety norms for travelers. By following the COVID-19 rules and regulations of Rajasthan, you can explore many tourist destinations in this state.

So, if you have missed out your COVID-19 Vacation then don’t get disheartened. Follow the guidelines and have a memorable trip. So, book your Rajasthan tour packages.

 However, to make your journey safe and enjoyable, you must follow all the guidelines below. 

Rajasthan is Safe For the COVID Time Tour 

Rajasthan is a fantastic tourist destination. Many tourists come to explore different cities and places in Rajasthan. This state’s unique culture and tradition make it popular in the world. However, the authentic and delicious food of Rajasthan creates separate excitement. But for Covid19, the entire tourist destination, including Rajasthan, shuts for a couple of months. After that, all the tourist destinations follow the guidelines provided by the government and welcome the travelers again.

Similarly, Rajasthan travel restrictions make the journey safer. With lots of safeguards, all the tourist centers of Rajasthan reopen again. However, for domestic travelers and international travelers, the guideline is separate. Rajasthan tourist places follow the safety guides like fewer gatherings, sanitizing, using a face mask, vaccination certificates, and test reports of covid19. 

However, the tourist centers of Rajasthan do not allow anybody without a mask and sanitizers. 

 The tourist places are sanitized and take adequate precautions. Every tourist attraction follows all the rules and regulations of covid19. Travel guidelines for Rajasthan are different for flight and train travelers. Except for this, the covid19 cases are decreasing in Rajasthan. Almost 80% to 90% of people of Rajasthan received vaccination. 

 Moreover, Rajasthan tourism makes particular Rajasthan travel guidelines and quarantine restrictions for the new travelers. Therefore Rajasthan is the safest and most beautiful tourist destination during the Pandemic. 

Covid Cases in Rajasthan

Around 6.89 crores people lived in Rajasthan. In the year 2019 to 2021 of covid, Rajasthan faces many active cases of COVID-19. The state faces many life losses due to this dangerous disease. After vaccination, many people recovered from this dangerous disease. In 2022 January, the active cases of covid in Rajasthan is around 11228, which is significantly less according to another state. Covid cases rise in Rajasthan in the final weeks of January 2022. 

But in February to till now the covid cases of Rajasthan rapidly decreased. However, the negative growth of Covid19 cases is around -0.08 nowadays.

Besides this, the state has less than 810 active cases each day. However, almost more than half the population of Rajasthan COVID-19 is vaccinated. This is the real reason for fewer covid cases. The state also follows all the guidelines and safety norms to avoid excessive covid cases. In the state, people use face masks and sanitizers to get proper safety from covid19. 

 According to the health department of Rajasthan, around 9140 death cases are registered in the file. By following all the rules and regulations, Rajasthan meets fewer covid cases nowadays. The Government of Rajasthan also provides various options for vaccinating almost every person in the state. 

 Moreover, about 15223991 have received booster doses by the health department. All the hospitals, doctors, and health centers are concerned about covid cases. 

 So, apart from imposing Rajasthan travel guidelines, the state is also considerate about its residents’ safety. 

Do I Need to Carry a Vaccine Certificate and RT PCR?

Rajasthan travel guidelines are identical for domestic and international travelers. If fully vaccinated, travelers from other states of India and outside of India do not need any RTPCR report. They can enter Rajasthan by road, train, and flight with the complete vaccination certificate. However, if you are vaccinated with one dose, you also do not need to carry a negative RTPCR report to enter Rajasthan. But if a traveler does not vaccinate, they need to bring the RTPCR negative report to enter the state. The test report is acceptable within three days. The timing calculation is from the swab collection time. So, remember this Rajasthan travel guideline.

All the tourist places, malls, and shopping centers are open six days a week. Every Sunday, all these places are shut due to Covid19. On these six days, the night curfew begins at 10 PM and ends at 5 AM. The state doesn’t allow any gathering. But tourists are allowed to visit all the momentums. During the tour, travelers should wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and keep social distance. 

Rajasthan Quarantine Rules

Travelers’Travelers’ quarantine rules are different for domestic and international passengers. However, there are some exemptions for the tourist in some exceptional cases. So, these are also part of Rajasthan travel guidelines. All the details are below. 

For International Passenger

  • In addition to the seven-day Institutional Quarantine, the seven-day Home Quarantine is mandatory for all international passengers.

Exemptions from Quarantine

  • In pregnancy, death in the family, and parents’ illness, you need not require quarantines. Children below ten years also need not require quarantine.  
  • The exemption is applicable after the registration on the portal and after government rules and regulations. 

If a traveler carries a negative RT PCR report within 72 hours, he need not require any quarantine. But all the passengers must submit the declaration form as per Rajasthan travel guidelines.


Finally, the Rajasthan tourism department creates many safety norms for travelers. By following the Rajasthan travel guidelines, you can safely enjoy your tour in Rajasthan. The guidelines, rules, and restrictions will enable a better holiday. 

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