10 Practical Reasons to Purchase a Refurbished Desktop

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Are you tempted to buy a new computer? If yes, then please take a second opinion. Buying new computer hardware in times of economic crunch undoubtedly hits your pocket. While purchasing PC equipment for yourself or your whole organization, it may be wise to consider purchasing refurbished, reconditioned, or off-brand desktops. The following are ten practical reasons to buy a refurbished desktop instead of a new one.

1. Save Big Bucks

There’s no denying that the motivation to purchase repaired or off-brand desktop, as opposed to new, is the way that you can set aside bucks in pretty much every case.

How much money is saved? That depends upon the product, the seller, or how old is the version of the product? You can often save at least 10 to 20 percent or more, and it’s normal to see an item at 30 to 50 percent lower than what you would pay for comparable renditions of a similar product.

2. Fence Against Outdated Products

Technology is a big thing now. It keeps on updating and obsoleting regularly. Software, hardware, peripheral devices, and operating systems are continually upgrading and bumped up. Now, the more current variants render, the newer versions are old.

3. Save by Purchasing Low-End Versions

Companies work to meet the needs of every customer. So along with launching high-end laptops with all the bells and whistles, companies present low-end, affordable variants too. These include minimal specifications as compared to the top-of-the-line versions.

For example, if you buy a new, low-end version of some top-of-the-line model and an old, top-of-the-line model – both will cost the same. But, while it might accompany a slower processor running an OS a year older than the current OS, you can get more RAM, a bigger hard disk, and maybe a bigger screen.

As such, you can get a more established, first-in-class model at the cost of the current year’s bottom-of-the-line model.

4. Save Money on Software Licenses

Why do you want to buy a new computer? If you need one to run a new OS, a used computer can work well. You can buy a license for a new OS (which will cost you a lot of bucks), or you can buy a refurbished PC that has already installed your desired OS.

5. Reliability

There’sThere’s an old tech saying ”never buy the first release of anything”. The reason is that the product manufacturers could not test the device in real-time. In addition, the customers or users have also not used the product and shared their reviews. So, it could be a risky purchase.

The second and third variants are pretty often more stable. This is because refurbished desktops are already out in the field. Their bugs and issues have already been found and fixed.

6. A Step Towards Sustainability

Buying refurbished equipment reduces the number of devices that get made. This e-waste takes hundreds of years to decompose, imparting toxic materials to the environment. If you are environmentally conscious and motivated to lessen the expanding volumes of these machines being produced consistently, you need to purchase a refurbished desktop instead of a new one.

7. Testing a New Technology

If you are mulling over a transition to new technology, you may test it using a refurbished device.

For example, if you’re shifting from PCs to tablets, you should test how well those tablets function in the field. Renovated or off-brand hardware can be a reasonable method for evaluating innovations at minimum cost.

8. Easy to Maintain

Refurbished machines are easier to maintain. If you purchase new hardware, you would require time to learn its new configurations, installations, troubleshooting, etc. Whereas, in the case of pre-owned PCs, you’d know it all.

9. Ensure Compatibility

You can buy refurbished devices if you need a compatible set of machines at your organization. However, your supplier often does not have the hardware and software you may find at a thrift store.

10. Provide to Interns

Many companies have policies to provide interns with laptops or desktops. The interns have probably just left the university, hence may render loss to the brand-new machines. You can provide them with old devices rather than new and expensive equipment.

Final Word

So will you buy a brand new desktop or an old, refurbished one? Whatever you choose, make sure to review pros and cons of purchasing a pre-owned device in comparison to an off-the-brand device.

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