What are the best settings for Rode video?

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Rode Video Mic Go
Therefore, I have read all the blogs, seen unnoticed videos and reviews all, Rode Video Mic Go, and now you are convince that the new Ronal Videos will improve your sound on the camera. You are right, and you have already bought one for yourself. Good for you, good for you!
Never be afraid! In this article, we will look at what each of these settings already does, as well as when and why you need to use them Rode Video Mic Go.

Is it continuous or outside?

Certainly, this is not self-perceived?” I hear you crying? “Everyone knows what a key/stop key does. Some microphones on the camera, such as Video micro and Video mic, do not have a turning off/stop, while the rest of the video range! What gives?
Some microphones do not have a camera, such as Video micro and Video Mic Go, a key/shutdown key.
Well, Video micro and Video Mic Go directly from the MIC 3.5 mm input from the camera; as long as everything is connect correctly and you record the video, it is play automatically. This arranged feature means that you don’t have to worry about batteries, which are very useful for picking up an incentive event!
All you have to do is set the insertion of your vote on the “external MIC” when connect. This should happen automatically, but it is worth checking anyway.
Your microphone will only pick up a noticeable sound for other models in the range by installing the battery, connecting the microphone, and physically operating it. With this in mind, be sure to search for the LED power that should light green when it turns and red when the battery is running out of juice.

High scroll candidate

High scrolling filter is the “curved line” code, which is usually found on the same side as the playback/turning off your video, video set, group, and also from gun microphones like NTG1, NTG2, NTG4, NTG4, NTG4, NTG4, NTG4 and NTG4, and NTG4, NTG4+. When activated, low-frequency sounds (brow or low bend) are “captured” by your microphone or wholly removed from the sound.
This can be useful when searching for the sound of the bustling traffic nearby, on other occasions when a high scroll filter can be use to cancel air conditioners, linear, or any other noise in the vicinity. This feature is name after the “high scroll filter,” where the high frequencies pass in your registration while the lower frequencies do not. Deft!
The high traffic filter is the “curved line” code, usually found on the same side as the operating key/turning off the microphone.
For most microphones on the camera and gun, the frequencies published by this filter are set at 80 Hz and the bottom. However, in the Astro X video, you can choose to make all frequencies of 75 Hz and base or 150 Hz and bottom. This gives you more control of your voice.

If you are likely to apply some EQ in the post-production phase of registration, you can choose not to use this filter. You can record the sound in its original shape and make any reform frequency adjustments in the post-production stage. It is really up to you if you want to apply the candidate in the registration phase, directly on the microphone, or later using EQ.

Increase high frequency

This feature is only available on the X, NTG4, and NTG4+ NTG4+ microphones. The high-frequency batch takes the idea of ​​a high frequency to the next level. Allowing you an additional 6DB of frequencies. That are usually associate with the human voice Rode Video Mic Go.
This can increase the presence of any person. Who speaks directly to the microphone in a loud environment otherwise. Or compensates for any slight high-frequency landfills that. A hard outer windshield may cause on the microphone.

Panel key

If the Räde Microphone is equip on the camera with an operating/stop key, it will also have a -10 decibel key. Räde video will also have a -20 dB pillow key.
PAD is an acronym that symbolizes the “negative insignificance,” and when activated. It will reduce the key or reduce the sensitivity of the microphone. By the selected value (either -10DB or -20DB).
This is useful when you record something loudly so much that. The sound signal captured. By your microphone deformation or clips, for example, a rock concert. By lowering the microphone allergy, you will be able to send a clean and lowest audio path to the camera. PAD is an acronym that symbolizes the negative insignificance. It is a general audio base that captures. The strongest possible signal without cutting or distorting it.
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