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Sports fans from around the world use HKTV25 to broadcast great triumphs and chat about their favorite teams. In many cases, you’ll likely already have the tools you need for a live broadcast at home, and in this article we’re going to cover the basics on how to get started!

You can access mobile broadcasts in the HKTV25 app by tapping the camera icon in the top navigation menu on your Android or iOS device.

HKTV25 Studio is a free broadcasting app that helps even novice streamers go live on HKTV25 in minutes. Chat, channel settings, notifications and more, all you need is your finger. Download HKTV25 Studio here. Many streamers also use Stream labs Desktop.

Have a good webcam and microphone so your viewers can see and hear all your activity. Check out our hardware recommendations for a good starting point.

As with most broadcasts, be aware that you may be subject to license restrictions when broadcasting matches. Please review the copyright page. It will help you understand the basics of copyright law and the tools available so that you can make informed decisions when using copyrighted material, such as music, pictures, and videos, to avoid infringing copyright in your broadcast. .

Make my broadcasts easy to find

HKTV25 brings all kinds of sports fans to watch the types of content they love. There are a few steps you can take to make your broadcasts easier to find:

Give your broadcast a title so it’s clear what sport or activity you’re dealing with

Use tags! In addition to sports names such as “Soccer” or “Weightlifting”, you can also add types of content to help viewers find your broadcasts, such as “Broadcast”, “Sports Talk” or “Education”.

Create your own broadcast! Channel settings allow you to create custom colors, add your own brand profile picture and banner, and connect social media. Don’t forget to add custom notifications and thank your viewers for participating!

Add extensions! Extensions can increase engagement through notifications, information overlays, etc there is.

Most sports have games (FIFA, Madden, The Show, etc.) that you can connect with naturally. Use these games whenever possible. There may be people who like my sports content.

Tip: You must manually select ‘Sports’ to broadcast in that category. For maximum discoverability and follower engagement, we recommend using the HKTV25 iOS or Android app, where you can opt for personalized start-of-air notifications and add additional tags.

Create a broadcast format.

Sports streamers on HKTV25 can discuss sports news and events before matches, “telecast” live matches with the fan community, invite live guests via Discord, cover post-game analytics, and discuss topics from chat feedback often discuss. There is no set method for 스포츠중계. Tip: Only broadcast or broadcast content for which you have a legal license.

Don’t just look at the ball! Fans often like to kill an hour or two before an event starts and discuss for an hour or two after the event ends. Set aside time to chat with the community. For example, you can provide highly engaged and popular content by telling you win rates, player stats, past match summaries, etc. before a match, and summarizing highlights or favorite plays after a match is over.

Encourage community engagement.

Channel Points and Extensions are two unique HKTV25 products that help you differentiate your live broadcast. Channel Points is a custom points program available to affiliate and partner members that allows streamers to offer perks to the community. Example: With 500 Channel Points, a community member can request to cheer on the opposing team for 5 minutes. Extensions are overlays you use directly for your broadcast. You can display a leader board, create a poll, or add a sound that viewers can play with a command. Many affiliate and partner sports streamers use Channel Point Prediction to engage their community in new and exciting ways to broadcast! Streamers often use channel point prediction to increase chat engagement by allowing viewers to “predict” things like the winner of a match, gameplay, or match duration.

Engaged viewers are more likely to come back. The CTRL+ extension takes broadcasting to a new level by allowing viewers to engage with the broadcast through surveys, Q&A and additional information about the broadcast and its community. Use to set up a survey or Q&A question, or to provide additional information about you, other streamers, or the community.

Raids send viewers to other live channels at the end of a broadcast, introducing new channels to the community while also having fun. Before you and your broadcast, use the /raid command followed by your HKTV25 channel name and send viewers to the new channel with a funny message. Channels that use raids or auto host grow faster than channels that do not. Raid your favorite channels. Learn more

General tips:

Get viewers: Let your friends, fans, and social media followers know you’ve gone live, and encourage them to chat and join the community.

Engagement: One of the best content on HKTV25 is communication. Viewers watch the broadcast and use the chat as well, so always check the chat and connect with the community. And say thank you to those who follow or subscribe. Check out featured chat and learn how to share your experiences with your viewers at the Retention Streamer Camp for New Viewers.

This article is just the beginning of HKTV25’s sports coverage journey! Whether streaming on HKTV25 is a hobby or a professional one, each content streamer’s path is different. Check out the Streamer Camp for tips on how to improve your broadcast and more!

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