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Television game ads offer the challenge of giving viewers a clear idea of ​​what is happening and what the game means.

How did you get that level recently?

At Hurry we are experts in supporting every game. Experience in sports media and television. In 2015 we have done a lot of coverage like the 2015 San Miguel de Remo league, the 2015 Spanish Women’s Fusil Cup final or the final of the 스포츠중계 and Adecco Oro national basketball tournament.

Our experience allows us to highlight some of the key aspects of the process and we believe it promises the best.

Lots of cameras and speakers

When a user in a game program sits in a field with tens of thousands of people, the idea shifts from a transition to a live page of what is happening inside and outside the game. Our goal is to have as many cameras as possible (small as well as wireless technology) that will allow us to access beautiful frames and monitor players, coaches and fans. We extract information about the player’s facial expressions from waves of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. We strive to use the power of storytelling to create images, and inspiring ideas that change what is thought to be fantastic. The number of cameras and sports programs is that for the football game among the historical runners, about 27 cameras are used in all the stadiums. The same goes for microphone numbers. We are trying to make the universe a better place. Journalists and speakers, the public, teachers, judges. Good design and natural sound help to better understand what is going on in the ethnic area.

Thanks for the answer

Motion helps its viewers see what is going on successfully. This is an ad-supported add-on. Through repetition, the audience discovers unexpected situations, resonates with the music or lifts and acquires new flavors during difficult times.

Thanks to the small camera speed and digital motion system (digital callback technology) it is possible to restore any movement slowly. Travel, and sometimes from different angles, is an essential part of any sports campaign

It supports the identity of the audience and the actors, and that is exactly what we are looking for, and thanks to the silence of their home, each fan is shaken by emotion .

It is interesting and easy to shoot

Each game campaign includes scheduling, results, competition tables a these are the fast-paced data system as well as the leading data system. These images seek to promote the dramatic nature of the event and give them a clearer picture.

This show is immortal

The migration of subgenre games and audiovisual production that requires the input of multiple elements (mobile sections and DSNGs, and users) goes to the site. Work related to data management continues. The future of sports media is hard to predict. We dare say that stereoscopic technology is a fun field to listen to.

Many games are distributed in Spain in 3D, but we know that the future can do it because it creates a sense of production and storytelling and most importantly: it gives the audience a vision.

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