5 Things to Avoid After Teeth Whitening in Pakistan 2022

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Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore

Professional Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore can be an excellent investment to enhance the appearance of your smile and increase your confidence. But, it’s crucial to know how your smile is vulnerable to staining and discoloration right after teeth whitening. Therefore, how you handle your teeth whitening, specifically within the first 48 hours following treatment, will determine how long the results will last. Below are some tips on maximizing your investment and reaping the maximum benefit of the treatment in the office Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore

Beware of drinking beverages with a color

As with most people, you may like the pleasure of a breakfast cup or a glass of wine. However, beverages with colors can cause tooth staining. Consider more palatable alternatives, such as clear white wine, white alcohol, coconut milk, milk, and water. If you cannot get rid of your morning cup of coffee, you can drink it with straws so that you don’t get in contact with your teeth.

Do not eat food that is dark in color

As with colored drinks, there’s an array of foods to avoid following the whitening of your teeth. This includes Dark-colored dishes (e.g., tomato or pasta sauce), colorful spices (e.g., curry, turmeric, paprika, etc. ), chocolate and other colored candy (e.g., M&Ms, Skittles, etc. ), Highly pigmented fruits, vegetables, and fruits (e.g., beets, tomatoes, pomegranate, etc.) A general rule of thumb is that if a food item will stain your white shirt and your teeth. Instead, you should choose lighter-colored foods like pasta, cauliflower cheese, white fish grilling chicken breasts, and tofu Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore.

Beware of acidic foods

When you undergo the process of teeth whitening during the process, your enamel is weakened because of the bleach. Drinks and foods containing high levels of acid, such as citrus fruits, pickled foods, and processed meats, may further weaken the enamel. This can cause greater sensitivity and a higher risk of staining your teeth again. Beware of acidic foods within the first 48 hours following teeth whitening to reduce irritation and protect your newly whitened teeth.

Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore
Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore

Make sure you brush your teeth frequently

After teeth whitening, it is still necessary to clean your teeth frequently to maintain your white, pearly shade. The feeling of sensitivity is normal after teeth whitening. Therefore, brush your teeth regularly using an easy bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. For less sensitivity, use mouthwash and toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth.

Eliminate tobacco use

Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco isn’t just detrimental to your health; it can also contribute to discoloration and teeth staining. To prevent your teeth from staining again after a teeth-whitening treatment, you should avoid smoking tobacco products during the first few days following the whitening Dentist in Lahore.


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