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Texas Most Haunted Texas is a huge state and has a lot of history. Over the years there have been many stories of ghost sightings, haunted places, and strange lights and sounds where they shouldn’t be. If you believe in ghosts or spirits, you may have experienced or seen what you consider to be paranormal in nature. You may have been alone, so trusting others can be frustrating and leave you questioning what really happened. However, in many places, over the San Antonio TX arborist, various people have witnessed a number of unusual events that cannot be considered hoaxes or hysteria. It would take an entire book to cover them all and the legends behind them, so this is a look at the Lone Star State’s most famous ghosts.

Many visitors to the San Antonio Alamo have reported various shadows and apparitions,

as well as hearing voices, screaming where no one is, and seeing cold air somewhere inside. About 200 Texan warriors and many Mexicans died here. Terrible things have happened elsewhere around San Antonio

There have been multiple reports of wood burning and smoke-like odors from police and juvenile inmates at the San Antonio Bexar Juvenile Hall. The faces that peered through the windows at night, and the children who wake up at night to the screams of the Indians in their dormitory. Part of the site was built over an old Indian tribal cemetery.

The Old Cadillac Bar in San Antonio is home to a malovent spirit.

Probably a woman who worked there a long time ago named “Bea”. He allegedly threw kitchen utensils across the room and burned water taps. Employees have seen her and the previous owner’s ghost several times.

Wichita Falls has an abandoned shelter. It has been empty for over 30 years, but you can hear water trickling downstairs, but there has been no water service for a long time. In the early 1990s, ghosts heard footsteps, sounds from the walls and machines running late into the night.

A pilot crashed his plane several years ago at Randolph Air Force Base. In addition to the lights in the water tower, the building provides sound and sights.

The Thompson Bridge in San Marcos depicts a Civil War Confederate soldier patrolling the bridge he guarded in the 1800s.

is named after a sheep rancher who lived there in the mid-1800s. He was killed in a nearby church and people reported seeing his body hanging from a San Antonio TX tree services.

Van Zandt has a wife in Edgewood who was picked up by travelers on the road. He goes out to a recently abandoned house, he goes in, but the lights never come on.

Sweetwater, Texas has a homestead called the Mulberry Estate that was a Civil War hospital and later a mental institution. Stories of footsteps, sightings of soldiers and moving objects have been told by many who have lived there.

There is an old historic place in Liberty, Texas called the Tot Hotel.

When oil was king, the town benefited from a 50-room inn. In the early 1990s, the site was sold to a new owner to begin a restoration project. Strange things started happening like loud banging, footsteps and doors opening. Staff investigated reports of a couple loudly fighting in an empty room and found no one there. Guests have seen figures disappearing through doors, such as women with red hair, men in tall coats, and women in nightgowns. In one room, a female guest reported human spirits standing at the foot of her bed every night.

What is interesting and different about this obsession is that hotel security cameras showed doors slamming, sounds of fights (male and female) and the occasional gunshot. Hotel guests captured the glittering orbs and the figure of a beautifully dressed woman walking down the aisle. Veterans say there have been a few shootings since the fight in the 2022s.

The spirits are believed to be circulating in many other locations in Texas. It takes years to get them all, but it’s a really interesting journey. For more information visit our website

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