9 Most Charming Things to do in Bangkok for joyful holiday

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Bangkok’s charming city has a lot to offer if you want to explore it in depth. You will find a never-ending list of things to do in Bangkok. The place offers numerous activities and centers of attractions to be explored. If you are done with the packing and now thinking about the things that can make your Bangkok tour more exciting, then here is a valuable guide for you. But remember, this is just a glance that can make your Bangkok Pattaya tour packages an exciting one, and still, there will be a lot to discover. So, let us introduce you to the most charming activities to enjoy in Bangkok.

Enjoy Sea Life Bangkok


Sea life in bangkok


Sea Life Bangkok gives you a wonderful opportunity to watch aquatic life closely. For kids, this would be a fascinating place to go. You can take them to the glass bottom boat that makes you feel like stepping into the water. Next is the shark tank, where you can closely watch the deadliest fish in the world. If you are willing to upgrade your entry ticket, you will go to the 5D cinema and the souvenir photo. The exhibition of this beautiful tunnel shows you the countless species of fish with the other aquatic animals. After a great show, you can enjoy the food in the Siam Paragon.

Walk Inside The Bangkok National Museum


Bangkok National Museum


Bangkok is full of different museums which you will find in every alternate street. This might confuse you with which one to go. So, here is the solution, you must choose the Bangkok National Museum, where you will encounter the true colors of Thai culture and history. This museum might take hours for a proper tour as it is the largest Southeast Asian Museum. It is accomplished with all the ancient artifacts and their story. Also, decorated in ancient Thai architecture, which gives it true essence. Here you will get a better understanding of the local Thai culture.

Local Thai Life Khao San Road



Khao San Road is the perfect place for tourists to get trapped by the fascinating hospitality of Thai culture. Here you will find cheap accommodation accompanied by superb hospitality. It seems like Thailand has been placed in a small street with lots of colors and facilities. Apart from the cheap hotels, this street has a lot of things to offer such as cheap goods, handicrafts, local arts and paintings, delicious Thai foods. The place is also perfect for enjoying Nightlife in Bangkok with Thai music and ample authentic Thai food. If you are tired of walking all around the day, get a great Foot massage at a cheap cost.

Sightseeing at Chao Phraya River


sightseeing at Chao Phraya River


Chao Phraya River is the most famous center of attraction in Bangkok that offers you a bundle of activities to enjoy. The first thing that every sunset visitor wants to do here is to gaze at the Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. The other most opted things include a quick shuttle boat ride in mid of the river. Also, the nightlife in the river is much more fascinating. You can enjoy dinner on the night cruise of the Chao Phraya River with your partner, enjoying the Thai music and beautiful sight. The Grand Palace looks more romantic in the moonlight from the cruise, so do not forget to gaze at it.

Lumpini Park


Lumpini Park in Bangkok


Lumpini Park is a perfect competition to the Central Park of New York. This park has numerous rides and stalls with several known and unknown activities to enjoy. The best thing is that the park has enough space to accommodate a vast crowd and still offer space to the visitors. This park is on the outskirts and was built on the Royal Land in the 19th century. The park is the best place to enjoy your regular exercise. You can also plan a picnic weekend with your friend or family in the park.

Shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market



Shopping can never be left behind while making the list of the charming things to do in Bangkok. So, to enjoy the best shopping experience in Bangkok, you must visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This weekend market has more than 15000 stalls with over 200000 visitors visiting every weekend. You can visit this market on Sundays and Saturdays. No one can exactly explain what this market can offer you because it has almost everything that a visitor wants to buy. You can enjoy a great bargain deal in this market.

Encounter the History of Jim Thompson House


visit the Jim Thompson House


To dive deep into Thailand’s traditions, architecture, and art, you can visit the Jim Thompson House. This place will bring you closer to the life of Jim Thompson, who is the owner of the House. While entering the house, you will witness the beautiful garden with the fish pond. After entering the house, you will encounter the beautiful architecture of this building and the best examples of the Thai Silk. This place is a mixture of six different antique Thai houses. The history behind the House and the life of Jim Thompson is fascinating, so visit the Palace and find out this exciting story on your own.

A Tour to Dusit Palace


Dusit Palace tour bangkok


Dusit Palace is famous for being the primary residence of King Rama V, which was constructed between 1897 and 1901. Apart from the Grand Palace, this holds the second position to entice the visitors. Vimanmek Mansion is the center of attraction in this Palace with peculiar Thai architecture. This Palace is the largest teakwood house in the entire world. The walls of the Palace are entirely made of wood with fine engravings in them. But, to get entry into the Palace, you need to get appropriately dressed and come barefoot. Also, if you have visited Grand Palace before this, you can get a free entry here with the same ticket.

Sunset at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)


Sunset at Wat Arun


Wat Arun is the holiest place in Thailand, also known as the Temple of Dawn. The title is given as the Tempe of Dawn since it offers the most spectacular view during the sunset. This Temple is located just opposite the Grand Palace and the Chao Phraya River. So, from one end of the river, you can enjoy the beautiful horizon that joins the river and the sky in the Wat Arun temple. This is a fascinating thing that you can try in Bangkok. Apart from the sunset, the other major center of attraction is the beautiful engravings and the architecture of the Temple.

Therefore, Bangkok is a charming city with many charming activities to offer to visitors. There are numerous places of attraction that are important from different perspectives. For every traveling craver, a place is perfect for a wonderful vacation. Hence, to make it more exciting, you can add the things mentioned above to do in Bangkok to your package.

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