To whom should the declaration or approval request be addressed?

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To the Governor of each Higher Division (Police Governor of Paris) if the event takes place in less than twenty departments. To the Governors of the Ministry and the Minister of the Interior, if in at least twenty departments: Ministry of the Interior – Modernization and regional action direction Traffic and road safety notification Bureau of Road Safety and Regulations – Place Beauvais – 75800 PARIS Codex 08. Inventory, no later than 2 months from the date of the event whether permission must be sent to the competent authorities no later than 3 months ago. The insurance certificate must be submitted to the competent authority no later than six days before the start of the event. Please note that failure to comply with this deadline will result in the denial of authorization.

Criminal sanctions apply in the following cases:

Organization of motor vehicle races on public roads without obtaining a permit;

Organize a concentration or demonstration of motor vehicles without prior declaration or permission;

Failure to comply with the instructions in the administrative permit;

Participate in an unauthorized concentration or demonstration.

You are holding a non-motorized C event on a public road

If it’s a timed sporting event

You will send a confirmation request to the relevant 스포츠중계  federation by registered letter informing you that you have received it.

Note that procedures and deadlines are specific to each federation. Awarding a prize of more than € 3,000 (in kind or in cash) requires the permission of the notified association.

To temporarily occupy the public space, you submit an application and submit a request for permission to the competent authorities using the Ceria form 13391 03.

In the approval request, the organizers’ identity and contact information, the type of planned event (running, cycling, ice skating, etc.), place, date and times, maximum number of participants and estimates must be stated. Expected number of spectators.

Public opening.

You should check if there is a sports arena hosting the event.

Complies with approved or applicable standards. When the number of participants exceeds 1,500 people, you must notify the mayor at least two months in advance. If the event includes certain facilities and installations, or welcomes the public to places or facilities not intended for this purpose, or in exceptional circumstances, obtain permission from the Department’s Advisory Committee on Safety and Accessibility. Here, too, a period of 2 months is required.

You are hosting a for-profit sporting event with more than 5,000 people in one place

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