Vacations in Dubai on your own – Travel Guide

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Dubai is a city full of luxury and shops, full of colossal structures. This city  and I may be, in many ways, somewhat opposite, but it is a unique city in the world that is worth visiting once in your life.

So if you want to organize your holidays you have come to the right place, because here I will show you in this small travel guide everything you need to know to visit Dubai .

Is Dubai a safe place to travel?

Well, in fact, it is one of the safest cities in the world, so don’t worry and travel with peace of mind. There I met women traveling alone, families of all ages and at no time did I feel insecure. In Fact you can rent luxury car Dubai at reasonable rates, rent a five star accommodation and some of the best foods.

In Dubai there are a good number of places to visit , and it is not necessary that you do a tour, although there are hundreds of all-inclusive tour packages , you can move on your own for free and without problems.


As soon as you step out of the hubbub of the city, you have thousands of miles of desert, dunes and sand in the Dubai desert. Here you can practice sandboarding, quad biking, and the best: Enjoy a night under the stars away from the light pollution of the city.  


If you do n’t know what to see in the city of Dubai , one of the first places you should visit is the Burj Khalifa, well, it can be seen from anywhere in the metropolis of Dubai.

This building is famous for having several records, one of them being the tallest building in the world , with a total of 828 meters , divided into 163 floors. But this record will not last long, since the Jeddah Tower is being built in the same city, which is proposed to be the new tallest building with more than a kilometer in height.

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world .

Yes, a true pass in terms of infrastructure, it has an area of 502 thousand square meters , which is equivalent to fifty football fields. It is impossible to go through it all in one day.


Another of the best things to do  in Dubai is the island of Palm Jumeirah , a magnificent work of engineering, which is much better appreciated from above in a helicopter flight or parachute jumping, having breathtaking views of Dubai from the air . Although walking it is also worth it.


This is the sail-shaped hotel where only billionaire businessmen, sheiks and emirs spend their days, but you can always go visit it outside and enjoy a swim on the beach.


While the Dubai Mall impresses with its size and abundance of shops, the Mall of Emirates is not far behind.

In this shopping center, in addition to finding hundreds of stores, it has a very peculiar thing that you have to add to your list of what to see and do in Dubai.


Dubai is divided into several sectors, there are those far from the city which are more traditional, everyday and without excess tourists. Then there are attractions like the Dubai Marina, which is a kind of boulevard, a promenade with a three-kilometer artificial canal surrounded by large buildings, hotels and restaurants.


The Dubai museum is one of the places you should visit on your visit to the famous emirate, because here you can see what the real Dubai was like before oil made them millionaires.


Jumeirah Mosque is one of the other places to visit in Dubai . It is known for being a true architectural gem and for being the only mosque in all of Dubai that non-Muslim travelers can access.

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