Video Marketing Strategy for 2022

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Video marketing is one of the online strategy you have to care to win the game in 2022.

The 2022 is already underway, but before we step our foot deeper in 2022. Let’s take one more look into the year before. It was a great year, and many things happened in 2021.

We need to see what we already did in the last year. So, we can be more responsible in our future action.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a subsection of online marketing or a form of content marketing.

In which video clips are served on a separate website, video platform or other website. Publishers don’t have to make their own videos. In this field of area, clips from other companies, manufacturers, or private individuals may be use for marketing purposes.

The prerequisite is that copyright is not infringe by publication or distribution.

Using this kind of video to achieve better rankings in search engines.

Such as Google video search, is referred to as video SEO.

Why You Should Have It?

If there is an ongoing content trend in online campaign, it is video. Why? The widespread use of smartphones certainly plays an important role. After all, it’s easier to watch videos than to read text on a small screen.

Because we like to entertain people. So, video clips play a central role in the daily internet life of a younger target group.

Parents watch six minutes of video on the Internet per day. It is quite clear that marketing video provides an opportunity for you to reach a large number of eyeballs on the internet.

The influence of video on e-commerce and the dominance of media on the web is clearly demonstrated by many different studies.

For better result, grab and check this video marketing checklist.

Which video format should you use?

There are many different “formats” you can start with. Here’s an overview of the most common types of video content:

#1. Motion picture film / brand video
These video clips are mostly shot as PR videos for the company and thus focus on the company, staff and products. These images can also be used to better convey a certain feeling or spirit.
#2. Product videos
Online stores, in particular, benefit from integrating product videos. Product videos often act as a “seller” and they can explain product-specific features and provide a different perspective.
#3. Explainer videos
As the name suggests, these video clips explain a product, fact, or service. Explanatory videos often contain animations or images. The purpose of an explanatory video is to explain clearly complex things in some order.
#4. Interview
By interviewing experts, you can strengthen the reputation of your website or company. You can show that your company has an expert in the field. Experts can also become staff of the company.
#5. Tutorials / Video tutorials
If you’ve ever started a Google search with “How do you…?”, you’re sure you’ve come across this form of video content. From baking to DIYs to car tuning, this video provides clear tips for anyone who wants to do something on their own. These videos can also help lighten the load of FAQs for customer support.
#6. Social videos
Social videos are short clips created typically using a smartphone designed specifically for social media networks such as Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram Stories.

Video Samples

Showreel Video in 2013

We compiled interesting moments in the year before in a three minutes animation video. In this video, you’ll see everything from embryonic stem cells being cloned. And India launching its first spacecraft bound for Mars. To forest fires that polluted Singapore and Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio being elected pope.

Showreel Video in 2020

We hope you enjoy our annual corporate video in a review. Share it if you like it. What’s your plan for 2022?

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