Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Site Using Social Media

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As per Social Media Examiner, over 90% of marketers agree that using social media to promote their websites positively impacts their website traffic. Immediately after brand exposure and far ahead of lead generation in SEO Perth, it is the second-most commonly mentioned perk:

What additional benefits may you get from increased site traffic?


Enhance your social media accounts


Whenever the users are looking for more about your business, the profile and account are where they look into. While setting your tone and style, it should briefly explain the value your brand offers. The clearer and more distinctive your bio are, the more likely it will be noticed by and connect with your target audience. Not describing your complete company’s history in your bio is a mistake, and the text has to be a few lines long. Add a call to action for the homepage or landing page to the bio to link it to your website.


Rely on social proof


Additionally, you may leverage social authority to increase your website’s worth. Social proof adds the human perspective to your brand’s experience, like a review or recommendation. Whenever someone is considering buying anything or is looking for something they desire, they check for reviews, suggestions, referrals, and feedback from others who have utilized the item or service.


Provide recommendations, online posts, reviews, etc., on your website and social media posts. For this, your about-us page might be useful. Use social evidence that you have the authorization to reuse exclusively. Remember to include any attention your brand has received from other media.


Also, make use of lesser-known platforms.


Depending on your demographic and issues, Pinterest and Reddit, two social media sites that are rapidly expanding, may be able to assist you in increasing online traffic and your media platform’s emphasis.



In the first quarters of 2021, Pinterest had 478 million monthly users, up 30% yearly.




Another social possibility is found on Reddit, where 52 million people are active daily. Subreddits, or forums, in your niche are simple to locate and participate in the conversations.


Time it properly.


If no people interact with your social media posts, you cannot increase traffic to your website. Choose the best moment for the best sights. Examine your data rather than relying on quality standards for social media post time. Check the optimum times to contact your viewers. Utilizing your profile’s unique algorithm and stats, automated schedulers like Tailwind may recommend the best times to publish. Make the share buttons clear. Imagine someone read your blog article and was taken aback by the information. They consider sharing it but can’t easily understand how to do it when they look. They go away. Include sharing buttons near your content to stop it from happening and to promote the sharing of your work. Display the number of shares to date to demonstrate that other people also think it’s worth sharing.



Information marketers frequently under-utilize social media to promote blogs or other pertinent content on their websites. While you shouldn’t always promote your material, you should do it for any excellent articles to raise awareness. Post previews or snippets with a link on social media to increase your website’s traffic, which can encourage them to visit your website and read more. A great way to attract new followers to your material is to use social media for advertising previous but still necessary details.


Attract your audience.


Be sure that your target audience is the focus of your social media posts rather than you. Please provide them with stuff they will find useful. Encouraging and motivating them at working to their goals.


When generating the content, focus on open-ended questions to increase interaction. Create a poll and create interactive quizzes, and give winners prizes.


Be attentive


Try your best to respond to each response on your social media postings. That gives your readers a sense of worth, and occasionally your response can also contain an URL to your website’s page with further details on the subject. If you’re responsive, engaging, and cultivate connections, your brand will triumph despite a competitor’s greater marketing budget or superior content. Utilize customer care on social media to enable quick brand responses to questions and concerns. Because it shows prospective consumers how your company will treat them, clients are concerned about their experiences.


Be noticeable 


Social media users respond more favorably to visual content than text-only content, including photos, infographics, videos, and presentations. It works well as a vehicle for fostering an emotional bond or generating a powerful response. They can also make your material simpler to consume or more engaging. Include images with text or as stand-alone entries. Instead of using stock photos, choose real photos that make viewers feel more connected to your company’s clients or employees. Your content can be refreshingly reimagined using infographics. When translating intricate or difficult information, they are especially useful. Ensure the information is simple to understand at a glance. Without infographics, you generally won’t experience the increase in shares they can.


Regularly interact with your audience.


Many business owners, even large corporations, ignore social media. You don’t want to commit this error. Social media is special because it enables brands to communicate and interact with their audience directly. The only thing you require is an effective consumer interaction plan. You may use this to answer their questions or publish a poll to get real-time feedback. Only 11% of individuals receive brand responses, which may surprise you (Sprout Social). Therefore, there is a fantastic chance for you to enhance your game by adding a few personal remarks. Additionally, your audience will visit your website more frequently if they believe they’ll hear back from you. The brand’s reputation among your customers will improve, and traffic will rise.




You are now prepared with social media strategies proven to increase website traffic in SEO Perth. Put these into practice right now and watch your website see a large increase in visitors.



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