Why Custom Boxes A Smart Choice Over Simple One

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Logos are often embedded in our thoughts, especially when we find them at our doorstep with the required package inside. Custom boxes are meant to be made with a logo to make a company recognized and preferred. For instance, let’s talk about Amazon. If you have ever encountered their service, you must be familiar with their shipping box too. They were one of the few major E-commerce companies who chose to brand their boxes. Now that they are serving majority of the population, if one receives a box with their logo on it, it excites them. That’s why a logo matters, it makes its place in people’s minds and whenever they see the logo again, it reminds them of their good experience with the company. Without the logo, a box would seem like any other box with any ordinary thing inside. A logo on your custom box increases the value of your company and make it visible in the respected market.

As a retailer, one can worry about how costly these custom boxes with logo can be. In that respect, “the cost of printing has minimal impact on box cost on any order size,” says Dennis Salazar, President, and Co-Founder of , a packaging consulting company. So no worries about the cost, but do worry about the structure, design, printing technique, and logo.

Here are a few things that matter when you use your custom boxes with logo:

Marketing Tool

Your brand or logo is not just your design or message instead it is becoming a marketing tool nowadays, but a lot of companies are not well aware of that or they are not taking any advantage. In that case, why not lead the competition and add some value to your custom boxes. The way a customer perceives your company matters a lot because it decides whether they will buy from you again or not, or whether they will recommend your company to a friend. Consider a brown plain shipping box, does that seem attractive or even interesting to you? Surely no, so how can it increase your value in the eye of the customer.

Costumers Are Your Business Advocates

The purchasing process doesn’t and shouldn’t end one the product reaches the customer. Delighting and surprising your customer with pleasant custom boxes with your logo on it might result in them advocating your business to others in the future. It’s true that custom boxes with logo can cost a bit more than the plain boxes but it won’t hurt much, especially when it will bring business to you. With the increasing numbers of print options available in the market, there are a lot of varieties to fit in your budget. Boosting your worth by customizing your custom boxes with logo will aware people about your company and it will surely get more sales.


If your custom box contains your logo, your name, or both it takes it wherever it travels, and in this way, your brand gets the exposure. Doesn’t matter if the box is sitting on a porch, in an office waiting area, or being carried down the street, your brand is being known. You must select an attractive design and colors for the boxes for it to look nice and elegant, but at the end, the logo matters as it will create the excitement in customers even before they open it. So, exposure matters a lot when you have a logo to show. It surely publicizes and grows your company.


By not using a simple brown box, you are showing the value and standard of your company. Any company sending their product in plain boxed will not be preferred by the customer because it won’t excite them as compared to the one delivering the product in beautiful and elegant boxes. So, custom box with the logo on it shows how much your company matters and how much value it bears. Simple boxes show that you have a startup and it’s not that serious whereas custom boxes with logo show that your company has a worth.


Once a customer is satisfied and happy with your service, he will always remember your logo. By sending the custom boxes with logo, you are actually making them aware of your brand. They wouldn’t need to memorize anything about you, in fact, in the future, they might just see your logo and remember the experience they had with you. That might lead them to say good of you or to buy again. Logos are the best way of making people know about you without making them buy your product. First, they will know and then they will come.

So, start packing your products in the custom boxes with logo and surprise your customer. You yourself might get surprised by the benefits it brings to your sale. If you want to increase the value of your custom packaging, then have a proud logo on it and grab people’s attention. It will put your company in their minds first than any other one.

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