Will the $ 172 million Powerball prize go to Columbia?

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The most famous lottery in the world, the US Power ball, which delivered the largest lottery jackpot of all time with $ 16 billion in 2016, will award a staggering $ 172 million, the equivalent of over 677. Saturday 12 February this year, billions of pesos.

LotterShop spokesperson Adriana Courtesan said the lottery is now easier than ever. Of course, the only way to win a Powerball jackpot is to play Powerball. This meant traveling to the United States. to buy tickets in person. “It’s amazing that this is no longer necessary!” she added it herself.

“Without leaving the comfort of home and in just a few minutes

Any Colombian can win a $ 172 million Powerball jackpot. ”

To participate from Colombia, all you need to do is visit the LotterShop.com website, the world’s largest online ticketing platform, to get one or more official online lottery tickets 파워볼 사이트.

How can I sign up online from Columbia?

First, you need to participate in the lottery. The Powerball will then be selected and the number of rows will be selected. Then choose the lucky number and finally confirm the purchase: your participation will be guaranteed in the next drawing. When a person reaches the amount, the company does not charge any commission on the premium. LotterShop offers accepted payment methods in Colombia including Visa and Master Card. What if a Colombian wins a prize at LotterShop? Small rewards go directly into the user’s account; however, when a user wins the check through LotterShop, the company is responsible for all expenses incurred for that person to travel to the United States to apply for the official ticket and also appoints an attorney paid by the company, who appoints the strategy for time to get the gift of money.

How does Lottery shop work?

LotterShop is a global lottery ticket delivery service, which uses local agents in the United States and other countries to purchase official lottery tickets on behalf of its customers around the world.

Official tickets are scanned and deposited into the customer’s personal account before being drawn. This scanned version of the ticket, along with the email verification and company terms of use, gives fans exclusive ownership of the ticket.

Winners from all corners of the globe

While people believe that participation in the world’s largest lottery is limited to US residents, this is not the case thanks to Lottery shop. After all, the American Powerball lottery attracts players from all over the world and all participants from all corners of the planet have an equal chance of winning this lucrative lottery jackpot. Will a Colombian player win next time?


Over the years, Lottery shop has awarded more than $ 105 million in prizes to more than 7 million winners from around the world.

The big LotterShop winners were a Panamanian woman who won $ 30 million playing Florida Lotto and a Baghdad man who won a whopping $ 6.4 million playing Oregon’s Megabucks’.

When is the next draw?

You can enter Columbia’s next US Powerball draw this Saturday night for a $ 172 million jackpot just minutes away and no one wants to miss it!

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